FEBRUARY 11th 2017

1: Can you give us a quick bio on the band and how you formed?

Cultural Warfare was formed in 2011 by Billy Garoutte and Kevin Doughty to where they soon started developing a reputation for an outstanding live performance. Once they released their first recording in a CD named "RATTEN KRIEG" they started gaining momentum and fans. Fast forward to 2016, Myself and the bassist Pete Aguilar joined the band when the vocalist and bassist position opened up. Kevin Doughty heard of the line up change and re-joined forces with the band and that is when Cultural Warfare begin the writing process for the 'FUTURE KILL" E.P.. and matured into the unit it is today.

2: Can you tell us the writing process of you new EP Future Kill?

Immediately when Kevin re-joined the band we re-worked all the old songs making them better by slicing and dicing where needed and re-writing all the lyrics and melodies. This happened quickly since the material was familiar. In doing this, we all became comfortable  with each other and begin to grow as a team. It is at this time we begin writing new material and the process included every member in the band in all aspects. It truly was a smooth process of writing and coming up with concepts and the process today continues in the same fashion.

3: What obstacles did you come across when laying down the track for Future Kill?

There were only normal processes such as choosing a studio, what songs we wanted to record and making sure the songs were up to par with what our vision was. So, we did not hit any hard road blocks and I think that is why the recording process  blew away  all of our expectations. It truly was a smooth and fun experience.

4: Since we are still in early 2017 what are the bands plans for the rest of the year?

We are preparing for our 1st of two CD release shows in our "bay area" as well as some southern California dates. Several shows are in the works including NEVADA, SACRAMENTO, and a mini tour as well. Along side performing and supporting our EP we are also preparing to record our 1st full length C.D. for our label M- Theory Audio.

5: What got you evolved in this in the first place?

I am not sure if you mean involved with Cultural Warfare or music in general?  So, I will answer both.. The band Cultural Warfare was solid live and gaining a good reputation so when the drummer at the time who I happened to know, released information that they were looking for a singer I jumped at the chance to join a quality band. As far as my personal journey in music, It was purely being a kid who fell in love with JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, DIO etc. Those bands helped me and my friends get ready for our sporting events since we were all competitive athletes.. We listened to METAL so much and would sing along with the songs and one day my friends told me I sounded pretty good!!  I was taken back by that but a year after high school,  the opportunity came knocking to join a band.. It was the furthest thing from my mind but the rest is history. I developed and attacked music the same way I did in my athletic career and begin my journey in METAL!!

6: What changes would you like to see to the music industry to allow you to make a living from your music?

I think as long as you work hard, have faith, and enjoy the process, along with some luck you can get far in the music business. If there was anything I could see that would help more is for the CLUBS, BANDS, MEDIA, LABELS, etc be more united from top to bottom. With everyone working on the same team there can be more success stories. I see it with our label..... Even though it has been very early in our relationship with our label M-THEORY AUDIO, I already see them doing all the above! They reach out to us, clubs, media, and other bands... When you have a team like that it will take you far.

7: What are your musical icons/influences?

It is cliche to name these people but it is just plain true...  Without ROB HALFORD, DIO, PAUL DIANNO, BOBBY BLITZ, KING DIAMOND, DAVID WAYNE and so many more, I would not be singing.

8: Are you a member of any music organizations or side projects besides Cultural Warfare?

Just Ascap as an artist.

9: Do you ever play any covers and if so which are your favorites?

We do not perform any cover tunes at this time but we flirt with many. We obviously have a lot of passion for many Metal bands. We go back in forth with classic stuff like DIO but then we want to do something from a BAY AREA band that was heavily influencing in all our lives and then we think of doing a NEW YORK thrash band cover as well. So we have a lot in our blood and I see us doing a cover eventually.

10: What are your rehearsals generally like?

Our number one goal in rehearsal is to have fun. We work hard and we perfect our live set as well as continue the writing process... All the time we  crack jokes on each other and make each other laugh. You just have to have fun in the process even when a band is striving and working hard. It just makes the whole process enjoyable.

11: How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

It has definitely  grown and sharpened.. We have mixed all of our ingredients and luckily we have been coming out with some solid material. We know what we are. We are a THRASH METAL BAND but we touch other styles of METAL all the time. It is very organic and is not so thought out and planned. It just happens and the sounds you hear on our E.P. FUTURE KILL is a perfect example. The style in that E.P. represents what and who we are but we are already writing new songs that we can not wait for people to hear and continue the growth with us. We are definitely becoming one WARTRAIN together and it is nice to see and hear how better we continue to get and strive for.

12: What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

FUN FUN FUN.. the further you get in this business the more you want to attain. You always have to remember to have fun  through that process because there are plenty of valleys and lows but along with those valleys there are peaks. Have a thick skin, work on your individual craft so you bring everything you have to the table and your band should grow and prosper... Did I say have fun?  

13: Is there anyone you'd like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional support?

I would say we thank all of our families. They are our back bone of support and they cheer us on. Our fans that continue to grow inspire us as well. Personally I would like to thank my brother Rik Serrano. He has always been my teacher,  mentor, supporter, coach, best friend. He has heard every band I have ever been a part of and he has enjoyed the journey with me. With Cultural Warfare which he has just recently heard, he gave sound advise, lent a helping hand with finances, and gave us two thumbs up.  It was great to hear his sound voice saying.. Go Kill it!!! You got this one!!!! Peace and love to my bro!!