FEBRUARY 22nd 2015


Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Sweden's finest melodic rockers of the 80's DALTON. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.
1. The band got its name from ex-Treat drummer Mats Dahlbergs nickname, but what made you decide to use the nickname ?

Since Mats was a well reckoned name in the Swedish music biz it was just a natural thing to take on that name.
2. Tell us how the band members came to be in the band:

Mats and Leif met in the bar at a rock club and decided that they would start a new band, Ola which at the time was playing with Leif in another band tagged on of course... When looking for a singer they found me via a journalist, and I brought my brother, Anders, and the band Dalton was born!
3.  For 20 years that band had been separated, you had 2 albums previously, but grunge kind of knocked out your style in the 90’s ? Or was there other reasons ?

It was just like that - grunge hit us all hard. We came to a point where we felt no reason continuing with the musical taste we believed in.
4. What made you reunite after this length of time ?

In short it was when a Swedish TV producer contacted us and wanted to make a documentary about Dalton's reunion. From the first day we all met after all these years it all felt so natural. When we later the same year did a gig opening for Scorpions in December 2012 we discovered that we had many fans left out there – that made us talk about a new album. And here we are today !!!
5. You have a new album “Pit Stop” that was released in mid October, tell us what to expect from this album ?

Most of the songs come from a demo we did in 1990 meant to be part of Dalton's 3rd album, which actually happened - only 24 years later! We wanted to keep the genuine Dalton 80’s sound with lots of drums, guitar riffs and keys, and on top of that nice catchy melodies. But of course we wanted to dress it in a more contemporary production.
6.  Was it an easy process to create songs for the album ?

Yes, since we had the basic structures of the songs from the demo, it was just great fun in rehearsal as well as in the studio putting the finishing touch to it! The work was much easier than I would ever dream of... thanks to our producer Erik Mårtensson and our manager Anders Livåg who have put a lot of work into this making it sound the way we all wanted.
7. Who created the lyrics, and where did the inspiration come from ?

We have written most of the lyrics together. Inspiration comes from a lot of different situations. Of course some came from own experiences
8.  How did it feel to be back at it again after such a long absence ?

It's incredibly fun, something I never thought would happen!!! And we notice that there are many fans out there who really like what we do :-)
9.  What was the inspiration behind the cover artwork ? Love the camaro, is that one of your cars by any chance ?

It was initially Anders Livåg’s idea to continue on the racing themes from the first two albums. It was also Andersthe cover and artwork – it became really nice we think, keeping the 80’s spirit really nice! No, unfortunately it’s not our car. But it’s a true classic! The guy who owns it said when we asked him how many HP “don’t know but it way over 500!”
10. What do you think of today’s heavy metal, punk, hardcore sound ?
I like hard rock that got melodies, growl and stuff isn’t my style…
11.  Have you had any feedback yet on your release ?
Oh yeah! We got nothing but amazing response so far! A lot better than we had expected!
12.  Will you put a tour together to support the new album ?

Yes, of course! We are currently looking for promoters that can help us out. So we are available for any offers and invitations!
13.  Where would you like to do a tour ?

Everywhere! Would be really cool to take it to USA and Canada! We got some request but nothing concrete.
14.  Does it matter who you go on tour with, or you just want to get out and play your music ?

Yes, I think it matters. I wouldn’t like to tour with bands that don’t attract a Dalton audience.
15. While you were not creating for Dalton, what was it that you were up to until now ?

Mats and Leif have their own business that they run and Ola is working as a music teacher. Anders and me have continued playing music professionally, touring and putting out albums with various artists in Sweden.
16.  You must have seen plenty of changes in the music industry over those years you were away , what’s the most devastating thing do you think to the bands ?

Record sales, absolutely! The only way to make money now is to tour. Which of course is damn fun!
17. Is there anything you would like to add that people should know, that I may have missed asking you ?
Come and visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DaltonSweden , and buy our new album, you won’t regret it! LOL!
Thank you so much for taking this time to do the interview with us. We wish you much success on your new album “Pit Stop”. Sounds great.

Thank you, and thanks for having us!
Pit Stop Samples:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=addRjK_YJEc