NOVEMBER 25th 2016

Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper

Tonight, The Invisible Orange brings to the Rickshaw another great tour package to Vancouver. I managed to get down there in time for early doors, 6:45pm. Early in the evening, not a lot of people in the building, but we all know some fans come for the last couple of bands, sad really. All the bands on this tour kicked ass, and was thrilled to be there for all.

First up tonight is our very own GROSS MISCONDUCT, a progressive death metal band who have been around since 2000. I wish someone would explain to me, why, these fellows, are not signed to a record label. They hold the attention of a crowd, even though it was a smaller crowd.  I thoroughly enjoyed their performance tonight, right from the get go, I was nodding my head, tapping my fingers on the rail. They had it all together and played a flawless set, one to be proud of. I for one, will not put them into a category, because you can hear a little bit of everything, and it is all about putting your style together with some aggression and some harmony and then giving 150% to the crowd. This was a phenomenal band to start out the night with.

Next is Chicago’s own STARKILL, who are first from the tour package. They were here in July of this year, so not long ago. Their style is pure metal, and they have it perfected in their own unique way. This was another amazing set to listen to, and quickly more people were on the floor giving their full attention. Great vocals, fantastic riffs, and drum blasts that held it all together with the thundering bass. These guys stand on their own with their talent. Make no mistake, Starkill will be moving up in the metal realm of things. The only complaint I have, has nothing to do with them, I heard the guitar cut out, it was fixed quickly, but at the time, you knew something was missing in the mix. Vocals were also at some points hard to hear, but that issue also was resolved. In the end, those minor things aside, great job guys, Vancouver enjoyed the show.

Next up is Sweden’s own ENFORCER, bringing with them a classic metal look and style. Again, they fooled me, before they came on stage, a power metal song played, then the look of tight leather pants, vest over a bare chest, that old heavy metal look.  Definitely says power metal. Last time I saw them, I didn’t give them such a great review, but this time, I am giving them a high recommendation, I am not sure what it was last time, but they played an amazing set tonight.  Vocals that resemble the power metal, blend in some ripping guitar, some drum blasts and bass and that brought out the energy of the crowd. A performance that everyone enjoyed. Yes, that includes me, loved the movement on stage, some moshing happened, but thankfully stayed away from me. Two thumbs up for their performance tonight at the Rickshaw. I will be there next time.

Finland’s SWALLOW THE SUN is next. I have seen them before, but couldn’t remember what they were like. I soon found out, death/doom, they played an excellent set, but after Enforcer I was not in the mood for slower, melodic like songs. Don’t get me wrong, the crowd went crazy for them. Vocals I did enjoy when they were harsh, but Mikko had more of a soothing voice, almost the type to put your lighters up high and move to the music. I moved to the back and let the fans enjoy them more. But I did find that the back of the room had better sound. I stayed and enjoyed from the back-vantage point. Watching everyone else doing the same thing, but swaying back and forth, like an emotional trip.

Next are the headliners, a first for me, so I was excited to check out DARK TRANQUILLITY. Glad I did, but first I have to say, in all the years I have been writing reviews, I have never seen such a happy front man. There was no point that he was not smiling, and it rubbed off on the crowd who smiled and cheered back at him. I am sure that everyone in that venue tonight came to see them, the energy was high and positive, and the crowd was anxiously awaiting each song they played. Well put together, music was catchy that people were singing along, I didn’t know the words so I couldn’t, but I did enjoy the fact that people were thrilled to have this band up there playing for them. For me, another band on my list to see when they come to town.