NOVEMBER 15th 2016

Review by Metal Mom

Band Members:

Alexandra Pittracher - Vocals
Mathisa Nussbaum - Guitars
Raphael Lepuschitz - Keys
Roland Wurzer - Bass

Track Listing:

1. Moloch
2. In Nomine Serpentis
3. Yoshiwara
4. Fall of Ishtar
5. Save My Sight
6. Bow Down
7. Clandestine
8. Loss of Reason
9. Im Lichte
10. Golem
11. Awakening
12. Hope Unborn #2016 (Digipak Bonus)
13. Midlife Crisis (Digipak Bonus)

This is the third studio album from the Austrian female-fronted pioneers DARKWELL. The album was recorded, produced and mixed by Stefan Graf and Roland Wurzer at Mirror Productions in Innsbruck, Austria. Mastering was done by Eike Freese (Apocalyptica, Gamma Ray, Lord of The Lost) at Hammer Studios in Hamburg, Germany. The talent behind the artwork is Jasmin Elisabeth Wanner.

Haven’t heard the name Darkwell before, well let me tell you a little about them first, they rose in the early 1999, with the purpose of creating vivid and profound gothic metal. All the members are experienced musicians, they know how to add some liveliness to their style. In 2000 they recorded their debut album “Susperia”, and soon went on tour and was successful. They did numerous shows and tours.

In 2002, the band released the MCD “Conflict of Interest”, and topped all expected sales. Darkwell in 2003 parted ways with vocalist Alexandra, and started their search for a new one, and they found Stephanie M. 2004 saw Darkwell go on a headlining tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They continued over the years to tour, eventually putting the band on a much needed break due to personal reasons. In 2012 they thought about a return, and wanted to reunite with original singer Alexandra Pittracher, realizing they still had something to give. 2015 saw them consumed by composing and recording for the new album, and now in September it is about to be realized.

The "Moloch" was forged in the cold realm of Metropolis, will leave the cold machine halls on September 23, 2016 and will be released worldwide via Massacre Records.

In all fairness, never heard of this band before, so obviously haven’t heard their music either. Which is kind of good when you go to review a CD. No pre knowledge or conceptions of what it should sound like.

I was really impressed with their music, guitars, drums, bass, all flowed together so well, you could sense the time and thought that went into putting it all together. Then it hits, the pièces de résistance, the vocals, there is no mistaking the effect these vocals have on the whole project. It puts Darkwell over the top musically in my opinion. Even the slower songs you find yourself listening, and listening to the whole song, not just skipping over it. I for one, and glad they returned, and had some great talent behind this album, giving all of us something extra-ordinary to have to listen to and just enjoy to the max. Well done.

 Here is their DISCOGRAPHY:

2000 Suspiria
2002 Conflict of Interest (MCD)
2004 Metat[r]on
2016 Moloch