APRIL 22nd 2018

Review By: Ruben Mosqueda

It's hard to believe that ‘Burn It Down’ is the 3rd studio effort with John Corabi fronting The Dead Daisies. If you're familiar with The Dead Daisies you know they have a no frills, stripped down, old school hard rock sound. The Dead Daisies have more in common with acts like; Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones, Faces than Alter Bridge and the like. ‘Burn It Down’ marks the debut of drummer Deen Castronovo [Hardline, Revolution Saints, Journey] who is not only a crushing drummer but his vocals are a welcome addition to ‘The Daisy’ sound.

As with previous records ‘Burn It Down’ features a cover; this time around it’s a cover of The Rolling Stone's “Bitch.” It's refreshing that The Dead Daisies are moving away from multiple cover to make room for original material. One thing that you notice about the new album is the ‘heavier’ direction to the new music has taken. They remain melodic, guitar oriented but pack a little more punch on this one. The Daisies’ newfound grit compliments singer John Corabi’s gravelly pipes extremely well and could open a few more doors in North America.

‘Burn It Down’ picks up where ‘Make Some Noise’ left off and continues in the path of ‘blue collar’ rock that has been blazed by acts like; AC/DC, Bad Company and Aerosmith. The highlights on ‘Burn It Down’ include; “Rise Up,” “Burn It Down,” “Bitch” and “What Goes Around.” If you enjoyed ‘Make Some Noise’ you'll be ecstatic with ‘Burn It Down.’