NOVEMBER 5th 2016


Dead Rites the Atlanta [Georgia] metal act has been kicking around since 2004. The band is led by singer Radu Sanchez who emigrated from his native Puerto Rico and formed Dead Rites. Sanchez and Dead Rites have endured and powered through some challenging times. Dead Rites has just issued their 3rd effort titled ‘Bereavement’ which is a hard hitting musical journey that is sure to be to the liking of Metal Titan’s readers. Radu Sanchez caught up with Metal Titans and talked a little bit about the band’s history, some wrestling and ‘what’s bigger in Japan.’

By Ruben Mosqueda

Metal Titans: You have a new album ‘Bereavement’ which marks the return of Dead Rites. What inspired you resurrecting Dead Rites?

Radu: Thanks for doing this interview it’s an honor. Dead Rites didn’t really stop performing live; but we did stop recording after my parent’s death. There were a number of subsequent things that are tied to something like that. Our latest album; ‘Bereavement,’ is pretty much a diary of the times spent in mourning and in different facets of my life lyrically and musically probably the anger of us not being able to finish recording this album.  I did speak to Paul Capatano [Dead Rites guitarist] and I told him that we can’t wait 7 years between albums anymore.  We are already writing material for the next album.

Metal Titans: The music is heavy. A novice could tell you that. How would you describe your sound to people that haven’t experienced Dead Rites?

Radu: We are a mixture of Iron Maiden and Danzig with some Metallica sprinkled here and there.

Metal Titans: What challenges did you experience in relaunching Dead Rites? I assume you had to start from scratch since you disbanded in 2009?

Radu: The hardest thing was finding people with the same mindset that I have. I know what I want this to sound like and there is a range that we will get into and then no matter how talented they were we have a stage performance level on stage that I expect. Passion is very important to me and to me having fun on stage is contagious; this is my livelihood this is very serious for me so you I to take this serious and have fun. It’s a dichotomy; but if it makes sense to you and you get it, then we can work together .I have enough likeminded individuals surrounding me that I can make more projects which is fantastic.

Metal Titans: What’s your earliest memory of music?

Radu: I would say finding my grandparents collections of 45’s. They had Neil Sedaka, The Beatles, Peaches and Herb and some Latin albums like; Wilkins, Julio Iglesias and some other people from Puerto Rico.  I wanted to sing from that moment so I began singing all of those terrible songs from that period and then one day I stumbled into an Iron Maiden album and my mind was blown. There was no turning back.

Metal Titans: You’re a big wrestling fan; it’s been called ‘sports entertainment.’ So do you think it’s a sport or is it entertainment?

Radu: I think that this is the only sport that needs to have some type of entertainment.  I have always been more entertained by the NWA style than I was with the cartoony style.  When Hulk Hogan was in WCW I was more entertained by the attitude of that era than the NWO era.

Metal Titans: Keeping with the wresting theme; I’ll give you an 80s-90s wrestler and you give me the equivalent to that wrestler in an 80s-90s band.

Metal Titans: Hacksaw Jim Duggan…

Radu: Jackyl.

Metal Titans: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin…

Radu: Black Label Society.

Metal Titans: Eddie Guerrero…

Radu: Social Distortion.

Metal Titans: Rick Flair…

Radu: Motley Crue.

Metal Titans: ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude…

Radu: L.A. GUNS.

Metal Titans: Abdulah The Butcher…

Radu: Cannibal Corpse.

Metal Titans: Wahoo McDaniel

Radu: Anthrax.

Metal Titans: Gold Dust…

Radu: Poison.

Metal Titans: You have a tour of Japan coming up? You been there before I believe. Will you be in direct support of a particular act?

Radu: We were in Japan in 2006 for our very first International tour and we had a fantastic time. We are doing a semi headline tour depending of where we are playing. The fact that we are a returning American band is enough for us to headline and if not we will be able to play under a headliner and follow them for a couple of shows. Similar to what we did the last time, we were there we went in and we headlined a couple of shows and we played middle of the set with some of the bands that were doing their mini Japan tours and we had some kids that followed us through a couple of shows. It was fantastic.  I am expecting these shows to blow those away.

Metal Titans: Since you’ll be heading to Japan soon; we’ll wrap up with ‘what’s bigger in Japan?’

Metal Titans: Loudness or The band X?

Radu: The Band X.

Metal Titans: George Takei or Bukkake?

Radu: BUKKAKE all the way!

Metal Titans: Shonen Knife or Baby Metal?

Radu: I like Shonen Knife a bit more; but I think Baby Metal is the correct answer right now, but I will stick with Shonen…