JANUARY 12th 2017

Review by Darin Wall

Dead War are a 3 piece death thrash band that formed in 2015, and are now releasing their debut album titled The Triumph Of Death.   The album is comprised of 6 tracks of old school death thrash, with a healthy dose of black metal thrown in for good measure.  Production wise it’s raw, but not messy.  All the parts are audible and mixed fairly well, though I wish the drums came through a bit more clearly.  The drumming is very proficient, but sometimes it’s difficult to make out exactly what he’s doing.  The vocal production is very old school as well, drenched in reverb. 

Leptospira gets things started with a nice little bass intro followed by a classic sounding harmonized blackened death metal riffing over a thrash beat, followed by a really cool 6/8 time section that almost sounds like swing death metal.  Towards the middle and end of the song things slow down and get heavier, with some great riffs to end it, especially the one under the guitar solo.  Debellation is pure old school.  Lots of thrash, heavy and brutal stuff going on here, and then it bleeds right into the next song Ashes Caste Into Darkness.  This one interestingly enough starts with a classical sounding acoustic guitar part which was unexpected.  It goes into a full on thrash metal assault quick enough though, with lots of blast beats and death metal riffing as well.  Elegy Nocturne is a somber sounding string arrangement, with some violins and cellos.  It was well placed at this point in the album to switch up the mood a bit.  The next song A Sinister Process is my personal favorite song on the album.  It’s 1:52 of sheer brutality.  The riff at 0:18 is very memorable, and there’s a very cool atmospheric part at 0:42 with some nice bass work.  This song is death thrash in it’s purest form.  The last song on the album is the title track The Triumph Of Death.  It starts off with more classical sounding acoustic guitar accented with some heavy punches from the rest of the band, and some nicely layered bass parts.  After that we get some more chaotic death thrash, followed by some more acoustic guitar at 1:05, followed by more thrash and then ore acoustic guitar to end it.  Its an interesting song with some original ideas. 

The Triumph Of Death is a promising debut from Dead War, especially for a band that's only been around for a year or so.  They’re definitely rooted in old school thrash and death metal, but they try some different things too.  One thing I really like is that they can get the point of their song across in under two minutes, which is no easy task.  The shorter songs on this album actually feel like complete songs, rather than just pointless snippets like those kind of songs can be at times.  These guys are off to a good start, and if they can continue to improve on the concepts and foundations they have established here, and perhaps obtain a bit of a better sounding mix on their future albums, they will be a band to keep an eye on.