JANUARY 12th 2016

Welcome to Metaltitans, we are here with Manne Olander, vocalist/guitarist of Deadheads from Sweden. Thank you for taking the time to do this interviews.
No problem, thank you for having us.
1. I would like to know how you came up with the name DEADHEADS for the band name, if you type the word in on google, its says that it is a name given to fans of the American psychedelic rock band the Grateful Dead, and that it is a 2011 American zombie comedy film, do any of those 2 things have anything to do with why you have that name?

No, the name came up one drunken night, when we where name dropping bands. We are heavily inspired by the seventies punk and rock scene. Bands like Motörhead, Dead Boys, Dead Moon, Death, Dead Kennedys (etc) inspired to name the band "Deadheads". I knew the connection with Grateful dead at the time, but it doesn't matter that was so long ago. And to be honest I really like and own their first seven records, but it got nothing to do with the band "Deadheads". We chose a great name to fit the sound of our brain dead energetic rock n roll.
2. Energetic Rock and Roll, that is your style, tell us why you picked this style of music to play over all the others ?

We listen to a lot of different genres, everything from dark pop, jazz and blues to early punk, heavy metal, hardcore, old school death and black metal. But we grew up during the late eighties and nineties. Bands like New Bomb turks, Turbonegro, Gluecifer, Hellacopters, Flaming Sideburns, Sator, Nomads, Monster Magnet made a big impression. When we formed Deadheads, we felt that we wanted to go back to our roots. This genre is our common favourite and right now there aren't so many bands playing this kind of punk influenced rock action. It's about time for a revival.
3. Tell us how each of your members came to be in Deadheads:

Yourself (vocals/guitar):
Me and Rickard met at a big festival called Hultsfred back in 2001 and became close friends. Five years later we formed a band called Four Flamingos, we only released a 7'. We played together for a year  or two then the other members dropped out. Me and Rickard didn't play together for quite some time, until we started Deadheads in the late 2012.
Sigge Palmén Unger (Bass):
He's the latest addition. Awesome bass player, with a lot of cards up his sleeve. He's the comedian who keeps everyone in a good mood.
Tim Ferm (Drums):
Tim started playing with Deadheads around the fourth rehearsal. Tim and Rickard grew up on the same street and became close friends in an early age. They played in several bands before Deadheads and he was the perfect fit for drums.
Rickard Hellgren (Guitar):
Rickard is the father of two young boys, he spends all his waking time changing diapers and practising guitar solos. I would say that he's one of the best rock guitarists I've heard. He can play fast as the wind.
4. Do you remember the very first guitar you had, did someone buy it for you, or did you pick it yourself ?

It was a small acoustic guitar for children, I got it from my mother when I was about four years old. I use to imitate Elvis Presley in front of the mirror.
5. Did you take guitar lessons early, as you were growing up ?

No I didn't, I took singing lessons though. I started playing guitar when I was 16 years old, I’m more of a singer to be honest. But I really like to play the guitar, I started like many other teenagers trying to pick out the chords from songs you listen to.
6. Sweden has an amazing amount of bands, and all very talented, what is the reason, do you think ?

That’s a hard question, we get that one quite often. I guess that’s because Sweden is dark, cold and rainy most of the time so we got nothing better to do.
7. You have a new album, your first, called "Loadead" like how you did that "Dead"heads and Loa"dead". Unique way to do that, who picked the name for the album ?

I was talking to the Producer "Krippe" one day. He's a really funny guy, he got so much stories to tell. Anyway he told me that when Lou Reed and Velvet Underground listened to the mix of their album Loaded. Lou had hybris and got so psyched. He thought that the album was so Loaded with hits that he wanted to name the album Loaded. I thought it was a funny story and that we should steal the idea but to make it more suitable for Deadheads. So it's called Loadead because it's filled with Deadheads-hits.
8. Who writes all the lyrics ? And where does the inspiration come from to write them ?

I write the lyrics. Some of the songs are quite dark. The inspiration come's from experiences I've had, thoughts, nightmares and books I've read.
9. What can people expect to hear from this album ?
Of course the high energy rock n roll Deadheads always delivers. But we have also tried to make this album a little bit more dynamic than the debut. I think it's a great album and a step further in the right direction. I hope people like it, we put a lot of effort in to it.
10. You must be very excited about the album, as I have noticed a lot of great reviews coming in for it.

Yeah of course, but it's not the main thing. We like it, we are proud and it's great if more people feel the same way. But if they don't it's out of our hands.
11. Did you expect that to happen ?
It's too soon to tell. The first album gave us almost only good reviews, but so far I've only read three reviews of the new album. They are good though.
12. Do you have a tour planned now ?

We just got back from a ten day tour in Scandinavia and Germany, together with Baby Shakes (from New York). We're doing a couple of shows in Germany as well in the beginning of November. Besides from that nothing is booked for the moment.

13. Who was the artist who created the image for the cover ?
His name is Pol Abran, he works for spanish Branca Studio. He's great, he's been working with many of our friends as well(Spiders, Horisont, Honey moondisease, Monolord etc).
14. Did they have their own idea for it, or did you give them something to work with ?
We had a lot of good live photos that we wanted to use some how. Colours was kind of important as well, we wanted it to be black and gold. The key word was "energy" and I think he really got the best out of it.
tack så mycket (Thank you very much) for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans. We wish you much success with "Loadead".

Thank you very much!
Best regards/ Deadheads