FEBRUARY 18th, 2018



Spotlight Feature By: Metal Mom


Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment Worldwide. We recently had the opportunity to talk with Manne from Deadheads. Take a few minutes and check it out.

1. The band formed back in 2012 in Göteborg what made you decide at that time it was what you needed to do?

We all played in several different rock bands since we were kids, and energetic rock was always our main genre.

Back in 2012 every one of us was kind of tired of our old bands and just wanted to start something fresh and with a bit more punk nerve.

2. What made you decide on the name Deadheads for the band name?

We usually get this question and to start with, it has nothing to do with Grateful Dead.

It´s just a word game inspired with bands we like, such as Dead boys, Dead Moon, Motörhead, Death etc.

3. You call yourselves Energetic Rock and Roll, isn't all Rock n' Roll full of energy, or are you guys a step above that?

It depends how you define rock n´roll. But it´s always hard to express a genre, there are too many and maybe more important for the journalist than for the listener. I guess the "punk nerve" can be the little extra step which we sometimes call energetic.

But I mean in the beginning we always said that we played Pub punk. Any way you can call it rock n´roll, energetic rock n´roll, action rock, punk rock, death punk, death rock, rock, punk or whatever you want as long as you listen to it. We don´t mind, it´s not important.

4. Tell us how the guys all came to be in Deadheads?

Tim (drums) and Rickard (guitar), grew up on the same street and played together in a band called Dirty Denim. Me and Rickard met at a Swedish rock festival and started a pub rock band together back in 2007, called Four Flamingos. Olle(bass) played in a rock band called The Fume and we met him via their drummer Pontus Jordan (Horisont). This was before we all got kids, wife´s and houses haha. We hang out a few days every week, drinking beer, listening to old punk and rock records, rehearsing, record hunting etc. Then after a year we recorded 4-5 songs at a friend’s recording studio in Gothenburg which first resulted in two 7inches and then later half of the debut album.

5. I know there is a music school in Gothenburg, did any of you attend it? And what did you take if you did?

No none of us. We learnt the hard way.

6. You have a new album, your third, about to be released January 26th of next year, tell us what we can expect from the album?

I would say better songs, to start with. Not that the other album don´t have great songs, but I guess we have some new really cool new tracks like "Instant Control", "The Plan" and "Too lost to be found" which are my favourites.

The sound is still very powerful, but better and more elaborate. We worked with the same producer and studio for the recording and most of the same guest artists as we used earlier on the other album. But we started to mix the album analog in another quite good studio here in Gothenburg, but it didn’t suit us. So, our dear friend Kalle Lilja made a new mix of the album at Welfare sounds, and it became perfect.

I think it´s always a strange process to work out the mix part, it´s much harder than to record the actual album.

7. Curious, how and why did you call the album ... This One Goes to 11?

It´s 11 songs instead of 10 (one more!). The first and the second album are 10 tracks each.

8. You have been in the music business now for about 5 years, are you happy with where you are right now?

Yes and no. We enjoy putting out records and playing live. We really like to work with High Roller Records, it´s a great record company and they usually like what we do and what we´re planning. Though we want to travel more, experiencing new places, stages and countries. Japan has always been a dream, USA would be fun too (hopefully soon). And bigger festivals of course.

9. The first single "Don't Mind The Ghost" from the album, how did you decide this was the song you were going to release first?

It was actually the last song we made for this album, and I would say that it´s one of the best songs from the album.


10. Who creates the lyrics for your songs?

I do. 

11. Where do the ideas come from to write them?

Some songs are about things I experience in my life. Other is inspired by books I´ve read and songs I ´ve heard.

12. Who did the artwork for the cover of your album?

Ben Klein and Stefan. Ben´s great, he´s a German music journalist. A big music fan. He booked our first tour in Germany and become a close friend.

He´s a great designer as well, this is the third cover he made for us.

13. Did you have the input on how it would look, or did you work together?

When Ben did the artwork for our latest 7inch (This curse), he gave us about 10 different sketches and all of them where good.

So, we asked him later if he could continue to work with one of the other sketches for the new album. He said yes, and it became a success.

14. Who was an inspiration for you to become a musician?

Elvis Presley.

15. What will be next for you, a tour maybe in support of the album?

Two release party’s in Sweden and then Germany in March and also a bunch of festivals during the summer.

And then hopefully Spain. Spain is great!

16. Christmas recently passed by, tell me something about Göteborg Christmas traditions.

I don´t know actually. I don´t like Christmas.

17. What is the earliest Christmas gift you remember?

My grandfather made me a big truck out of wood when I was 3 years old. It was awesome. My son love´s it as well, I´m glad that my dad kept it for all these years.

18. Do you have time with families around Christmas?


Is there anything you would like to add, that I might have missed asking, but you want people to know about Deadheads.


Thank you so much Manne for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans, and we look forward to the release of your new album "This One Goes To 11", and we wish you much success with it as well.

Thank you very much for having us.
Best regards/ Manne & Deadheads