APRIL 12th 2019

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos: Char Tupper
Gallery: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/death-is-just-the-beginning-tour/

Well it is finally here, Friday, April 12th. I knew as soon as this was announced, I would be there, no way was I missing this. So, thank you to The Invisible Orange and the Rickshaw Theatre.

Tonight’s headliner is the one and only Legendary Swedish Band … Hypocrisy, whom I haven’t seen since 2010. Band members consisted of Peter Tägtgren, Mikael Hedlund, Horgh and Tomas Elofsson. A lineup that kicked everyone’s ass tonight. Hypocrisy began back in 1991, 1992 they became the most popular Death Metal band in the underground. 1997 marked their breakthrough in the USA. What makes this band so popular, well I say it is because of the hard working, lyric writing genius of Peter Tägtgren. That is why tonight, we got an amazing, brilliant performance, with Peter being an artist who expects perfection, it was delivered by one and all. You want fast, you want heavy, you got it, but you get a whole lot more with Hypocrisy. Peter, Mikael and Tomas all moved around the stage, so everyone got the chance to see them in action. For me, I was hanging on for dear life at the front, and I’m pretty sure I have the bruises to prove it. The wait of 9 years was so worth it, they didn’t disappoint at all. They had the crowd fired up for sure, but it can be a good thing, everyone bounces their energy around and everyone enjoys the show and takes home some amazing memories. I can tell you they played some amazing old classics, and some newer ones, a well rounded out set. The crowd went crazy for the older ones though. We screamed for them, and Peter screamed back. What more can you ask for, there is a reason they are headliners, the music, the performance, they are so well tuned. Wish I could have seen more shows, yes, that is how phenomenal they were. Thanks for coming Hypocrisy, you have left us wanting more.

Fleshgod Apocolypse, Italian grandmasters of orchestral death metal were direct openers for Hypocrisy tonight. Right off, I thought, what a perfect decision to have Francesco Paoli, drummer, songwriter, founder and first front man of the band move up to lead vocalist, he was hiding a lot back here on the drums, we all know that vocals can make or break a band. So, drummer now is David Folchitto and coming in as lead guitarist is Fabio Bartoletti. So, what can you expect from this new line up, after listening last night, I would say the darkest and heaviest Fleshgod has ever been. Looking around the room, and the place was pretty full, the crowd went crazy, many old songs were sung, along with a new one from the new album "Veleno" about to be released May 24th via Nuclear Blast. They even had some sound issues, but did that stop them, no, they asked the crowd if they wanted the song sung again, and we all cheered yes. Just a phenomenal working team up there, they moved, they put everything they had into their music, and it showed. But I love the diversity they have in their music too, adds for a crowded stage, but gives so much more, like Veronica Bordacchini with her soprano vocals, adds just that special touch, class to the set, and amazing to listen to. Then add in Francesco Ferrini on piano, well you have a distinctive talented band, that can put this all together and give a performance you won't soon forget. I know I won't.

This next band, never heard of them, they are progressive extreme metal out of San Francisco California. Musically they are fantastic, had it all down, they nailed it. I am just not sure I could appreciate the singer, and his antics on stage. Sorry to say, but he looked like they had picked someone off the corner of Main and Hastings to do the vocals. He looked so whacked out, and at one point, I was thinking is no one going to check to see if he is okay. I am not kidding. But this is how I saw it last night, if it was all an act, well you don't need to do that, musically it was amazing to listen to, they each played their set so well. Yes, I am older, but still don't see the need for that kind of showmanship from a vocalist. I know a lot of bands get stoned, but to this degree, I don't think so. Like I said the music was spot on. Just my opinion.

We have two local bands that joined in tonight, Obsidian, their first show of the year, and what a show to be attached to. They have been around since 2013, debuted their first album in 2015. They have opened for some great heavy hitters too, like Kataklysm, Carach Angren and more. They sounded pretty good tonight, but I think there were some sound issues. Plus, they got cut off, but I think it was needed because the next band was part of the tour and they had to set up, sound check, and it would have taken more than the 10 minutes. Everyone was enjoying their set though. The time you had was enough to showcase your talent.

First up tonight is a band, I don't think I have ever seen, or reviewed before. They are a 4-piece metal band that has risen from Vancouver. They did an amazing job, they had their set nailed down, giving everyone a fantastic experience. I would like to have seen them move around the stage more, but some don't do that, it is after all up to them. Moshers started up too with this first band. The way of the crowd tonight, metal bands = moshers.