SEPTEMBER 16th 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

A tight race getting into Vancouver when you are off at 5:30pm and then it’s fast mode into Vancouver, which could take at least an hour, depending on traffic. But luckily the doors open at 7pm, and bands didn’t start until 8pm.

So tonights line-up I was looking forward to, some bands I had not seen in awhile, others I have, and even one I had not had the pleasure of watching play live. So all in all a great mix of bands for myself to watch and review.

First to hit the stage tonight is Vancouver’s own local band KYMATICA (!/kymaticametal ) , and they did not disappoint. The only thing I wish, is that people would realize that openers can be a great band. Think about it “ALL” bands started out at one time as an opener. The show tonight was a comeback for this band, and I say they came back with an impressive set. You could see how much they were enjoyed playing for everyone.  They really nailed their set, and if you enjoy the  progressive, melodic death metal, then you are really going to enjoy this band. At times, it’s soft and captivating, allowing you to become lost in the music, but…not for long, then it captures your fiery soul and you are ready to do some major headbanging and raise your fist. They have a few more shows coming up…don’t miss them.

The next band up is EXMORTUS, ( and I have only seen them once before, but let me tell you, the set they played tonight, they have mastered their craft. First time was great, but this time, really outstanding, you just had to look around the room, and you knew they hit it hard with all the moshing that was happening. If you are wondering what kind of metal they play, it’s METAL through and through. If I knew how to headband, I would have been doing it. They just grab you by the throat and don’t let go. I also liked the fact that you didn’t hear any one instrument over the other, they all executed it to perfection, a great blend to give it that technical riffage made up of thrash and death, brutal kick ass drum blasts, dual guitar attacks. Best way to describe them, they have everything fused together so that they can crush it. They did just that. Excellent set.

Allegaeon ( is up next, this band, I have not seen live, and sorry to say haven’t had the chance to check them out. Now get one thing straight, this band is NOT metalcore, deathcore or any other core for that matter. They are a modern melodic death metal, and I can testify to that. What they do is play Death metal at it’s finest and then incorporate some melody and technicality, but without losing the heaviness, making them stand out.  It was a great pleasure to watch their set, and the people in the crowds, who, I might add were a little crazy, giving proof that this is what the crowd wanted. They played their set out to perfection, really enjoyed what they gave out to the fans.

And that leaves just one band left to play tonight, they come from Virginia Beach, VA, and the genre they are classified under is Technical Melodic Death Metal. Well if you are at this show, we all know who it is …. ARSIS ( . And tonight you are in for a metal experience, it’s the 10th anniversary for “A Celebration of Guilt” and they are playing the whole album. You always know when you are really enjoying a set the band is playing, when before you know it, it’s over. Wow, that was fast. There has been much turmoil in Arsis, but James was determined to rebuild, and he did just that, and with a steady lineup now, Arsis is a band  to reckon with. The band really conquered their set, and everyone enjoyed, moshing, hands in the air, cheers, you name it, I am pretty sure that the guys in Arsis felt the love from Vancouver. Maybe not as big a crowd as I thought there would be, but the ones there, were enthusiastic. On stage they gave it their all, played a well orientated set, some interaction between songs, just an all around amazing set from Arsis.

I still get surprised though, going to Metal shows, and there are not many metalheads there supporting, but yet they complain when they don’t come to town. Well here was a show, that I expected to be pretty full, it wasn’t. And you can’t give the excuse it’s too expensive, come on, it’s a metal show, $18.00 before doors, only $20 at doors. But it was also a 19+ / no minor show. That might be some of the problem. I was glad to see a crowd that did appreciate the bands, but would have liked to see more out supporting them, because really, a lot of us have no idea just how much work, and hardships happen on these tours.  Hmmm, sounds like a spotlight feature could be done on this.