APRIL 2nd 2016

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper
Photo Gallery: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/decibel-magazine-tour-2016/

From the beginning when I knew Abbath was on this tour, well I knew it was a must see. So Saturday April 2nd, I headed down into Vancouver, to the Commodore Ballroom. The venue by the way was the best in Vancouver to showcase the talent behind Abbath. My one surprise was that it was not a SOLD OUT show. This is Abbath we are talking about here. Well it is their loss right.

Now I need to say this, when I write up my reviews, it is “my” opinion, not that of anyone else, and let’s face it, not everyone likes every band. Plus, my one opinion is not going to make any difference in the realm of things. So let’s get on with this shall we.

With much anticipation, first up on this tour is TRIBULATION, a band that I saw for the first time when they were in town with Watain and In Solitude June 2014. I knew then that I would never miss a show of theirs when they came to town. So here I am. This band was the perfect start to the evening. Tribulation extends their reach, gets a hold of you and delves deep into the very darkness of your soul.  When this band puts on a show, let me tell you it is so much more than the normal concerts, these guys take pride in what they do, and they give it 150%. Each and every member excel and you are almost in a trance watching. You will notice that there is one member who goes beyond all else, that’s Hulten, he really executes showmanship, the way he moves. I am truly amazed that he doesn’t fall, if I were to try that, I would be flat on my face. They gave you much more for your money here tonight, and you could tell by the cheers, horns raised high, that others agreed. Thank you for such a fantastic show. Come back soon.

Next up is SKELETONWITCH, okay, first off, they did an amazing job, true born metal. There were lots that came to the floor for these guys. This is when I left the front, I felt bad, I just could not get into their set, but talking to people I was standing with, I was not the only one. Please, don’t get me wrong, they gave their all for the show, and did really well, and many were thoroughly enjoying.  Just for me something didn’t click. Sorry guys.

The band that hit the stage next, is HIGH ON FIRE. This line up was really varied. It may have been metal, but different types. The band is just three fellows doing what they love, and they did it well. The floor was filling up more. Once again though, they didn’t do anything for me, the music was great at times, but would change and just didn’t have the right flow for me to keep time to.

My one complaint here has nothing to do with the bands, but the security guards during the Abbath set. I had one, that just seemed to stand right in front of me, fine, I could maneuver around to see, but then one crowd surfer went over the railing and a second security guy came in to stand right next to the other the rest of the set. Let me just say 2 security guards standing in one single spot is a bit of an overkill, especially for a tour package like this.

Now, this band, my one complaint aside, this is the one I have waited for a long time to see, and I am lucky enough to witness their first national tour hitting North American soil. ABBATH, an iconic name who owns the face of the Norwegian black metal world. Abbath you know as the lead singer at one time for Immortal, and left such an impression on us all. The world knows his characteristic style, his unique vocals and riffage.  I was so excited and thrilled to be in the front when they hit the stage, me, I get to see Abbath. Never in a million years did I think I could enjoy the talents of Abbath. You know at my age, I still felt like a school girl getting all excited for this, and I bet I am the only one that had a smile the whole time. I don’t think I was really ready for what came. This is black metal at its finest, oh wow, there is nothing better, what an experience, one I will re-live for a very long time, it is heavy, harsh and yet catchy and ever so epic.  Besides the almighty Abbath, there was King on Bass, trust me he is King, Creature on drums delivers an amazing thunderous heartbeat, and live guitarist Ole Andre Farstad completed the lineup. The crowd was nonstop, some moshing, a lot of singing, even the new songs from their debut album “Abbath”. There were of course some Immortal songs played, and holy geez the crowd went crazy. I am still in awe of seeing Abbath. Their performance was far above and beyond, a true black metal experience. This entity known as Abbath, has come and conquered, as it is doing all over the world.  I really want to pinch myself to make sure that I actually saw and heard Abbath. I don’t think I have ever been to a concert that has left me with this impression. The only thing I would have liked to have seen was the famous crab walk. Next time. Thank you for making the trip up to Vancouver to give us something so phenomenal and with such amazingly talented musicians.