MARCH 5th/6th, 2018


MetalTitans got the unique opportunity to take part in 2 dates from the recent DECIBEL MAGAZINE TOUR 2018 featuring Enslaved, Wolves in the Throne Room, Myrkur, and Khemmis in both Vancouver and Seattle. We had our very own Metal Mom, along with one of our newest writers, Chris, join forces to do a double review feature of two different shows. Read on below to check out both concert experiences. Plus, check out our photo link to the Vancouver concert, images done taken by MetalTitans co-owner and photographer, Char Tupper.

Photos By: Char Tupper

Review By: Metal Mom

Well the Decibel Magazine Tour hit the Rickshaw Theatre with an amazing lineup. Not sure if Vancouver was ready for this one, I know I wasn’t.  Bands playing tonight are headliners Enslaved from Norway, along with Wolves in The Throne Room, Myrkur and Khemmis.

First up to start the night is KHEMMIS, they hail from Denver, Colorado and now I understand what all the noise is about, if you are a fan of doom, and some classic metal, then this is the band for you. Always enjoy a band that I haven’t seen before creating such a stir with the crowds. As always, the floor was kind of scarce but not for long, and it started to fill. Guess more people knew what to expect. Can’t tell you what songs they played as I was not familiar with this band before tonight’s performance, but the songs chosen were ones everyone enjoyed, which was cool to see. They did a great job, and a pretty good band to start the night.

MYRKUR, a band that in all fairness, I was not expecting to hear what I heard, this is something that goes way beyond the average sound. Myrkur puts a blend of metal with astonishing melodies, folk passages, with a gorgeous voice making for her songs to be phenomenal, and yet add a horrific beauty. I was just so taken back, and just couldn’t stop watching their set, I was completely enthralled. Myrkur comes from Denmark, and what she has done and accomplished is combining black metal elements with some empowering beauty. Both the musical aspects along with her voice, work together unbelievably well, it was captivating. I particularly liked the folk song about a Norwegian Medieval ballad, where only her and the drummer joined together to perform the ballad, as she banged on the Buffalo Hand drum, it puts such a mystique to it. I don’t know really what I expected, but I didn’t expect to enjoy Myrkur so much. The vocals, there is no way to really describe it, but a superb range, beautiful and had me just standing there with my mouth open. I have seen many bands before, lots I have been intrigued by, but nothing quite like Myrkur, a band I highly recommend. She will be back on her own headlining tour, whatever you do, please, don’t miss it, I am sure you will feel the same, just fascinated and bewitched.

Next is WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, hailing from Washington, and their set started with smoke filling the stage, lights dimmed, even the merch tables had their lights off. The sound of dripping water, waves crashing, burning sage, while the guitarist walks out and blows the smoke from the sage, out at the fans and along the points of where each member stood onstage.  The guys came on stage and so it began. The crowd really reacted to their music, there was slower interludes mixed with some headbanging moments. I am not sure I would call them a black metal band, not sure what category I would label them, but being more the rain storms, sage smoke and the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, black metal doesn’t truly fit in my opinion, and I’m sure a die-hard reading this will have something to say about that opinion, again though, just opinion.  Looking around the room though, I could tell people were really enjoying themselves, so goes to show you, it is all about what the band creates, both musically and visually, like painting a masterpiece for the eyes and ears. Best of both worlds.


Okay, now I am excited, thrilled really, because I never miss these guys when they come to town, the almighty ENSLAVED. They have amazing music, and always worth making the trip to see them every single time, no matter what. Holy crap, the guys they were on fire tonight, in all honesty, I don’t think I have ever written a bad review of Enslaved, why you ask? The reason being, I simply can’t, every show out does the other, and I cannot help but rant and rave about how phenomenal their set was, and this show was no different.  Their set, amazing from start to finish, with a terrific selection from their discography, including songs from “E”, which they have won the Spellemann Prisen (the Norwegian Grammy) for, huge congratulations to them, I own this record, and this win was well earned, that’s for sure. In my opinion, the best of the best so far for Enslaved guys. On a side note, have you noticed a new face behind the keyboards this tour? His name is Håkon Vinje, he has replaced Herbrand, who departed the band in 2016, which I will say, being a huge Enslaved fan, those were some big shoes to fill. Håkon, however, did an excellent job filling them, his performance was extremely well executed, not only on the new record, but his live performance was beyond amazing, I was really impressed. Put him in the line-up with the rest of the guys, and together they really left a never-ending impression on Vancouver. You will never be disappointed in a performance from Enslaved, they are spot on, never missing a beat. Got to love the energy, and charisma on stage from these Norwegian masters. There is always lots of atmosphere too with Enslaved, dim lights, and well just full on perfection. The sound was spot on, you could distinguish between guitar, bass, keyboards and drums, you could pick them out in the songs, not often you can hear that so crystal clear. Vocals were killer too, Grutle with his rough classic sound and Håkon with his clean vocals added to the enjoyment of the night while drums held it all together, being the heartbeat of the tracks.  These guys know how to perform, to take hold and not let go till they are finished with you. It really helps to love what you are doing, and you can tell they love every second of it all.  I got to stand up front for the whole set, which I am glad because there is no better place to be than right up front, seeing their faces, smiles (if you are quick), and just enjoy the full force that is, Enslaved. Next time around, if you couldn’t catch Enslaved on this tour, make sure to catch them on their next run, these guys are worth every penny to go see their performance.


Review By: Chris

Well a drive down to Seattle, Washington to take in The Decibel Magazine tour, featuring Enslaved as headliner, and Wolves in the Throne Room, considering where it was (El Corazon), should have arrived a bit sooner, the place was packed like sardines, maybe a little too much for comfort.

First up for me was Wolves in The Throne Room, since I made a day out of being in Seattle, so missed the opening acts. Im sure they too, put on a good set. Now personally, I have never seen WITTR perform live before, only listened to their music. Makes a difference when you watch a band perform live, versus on the computer via youtube. These guys did an amazing job tonight, eerie fog feel, forest themes, burning sage, almost put me in a “Zen” like mood while enjoying their sound. They were hard to see though, with the fog and being such a low ceiling, kind of took away a little too much of the ambiance they were trying to create with the smoke and haunting atmosphere. That being said, they played a variety of songs from their discography, performing each with precision and excellence. The crowd was loving every minute of it, and I too, quite liked their set tonight. Would have been much cooler to see them in a bigger venue though, trust me, they had the crowd for it. Maybe next time around?

The mighty Norsemen have arrived, Enslaved is next to close the night. There are a couple of things you will notice, one, it is the first time over here supporting their new album “E”, which we all love, goes without saying. Also, a new keyboard/vocalist, Håkon Vinje, who I might add did an amazing job, he fit right in with the guys, like he has been there for years. I never fail to see Enslaved when they come to town, this is total perfection in a nutshell. Every time I see them I am always amazed at what an exceptional performance they give us, and this time was no different from the others, Wow!! Grutle, Ivar, Ice Dale, Cato and Håkon, went above and beyond this time around, flawless execution of their set, mind-blowing, even in El Corazon.  They played a variety of songs, some from the new album “E”, which I quite enjoyed, but also playing classic tracks like “Isa”, “Roots of the Mountain”, and more. They continue to be one of the most dependable extreme metal bands with an indestructible determination, just check out their latest album “E” for even more proof of their remarkable talent all around. Maybe El Corazon wasn’t the best to showcase it, but sometimes you can look past that when it is a band that exceeds excellence in musicianship and professionalism, and just all-around great energy. Sadly, there was no way to reach the front, like I mentioned earlier, it was beyond packed. Hopefully next time around, they get to perform in a larger venue, since it was a challenge to throw up horns, head bang, or simply have room to stand and watch without bumping into others. Speaking of next time, I won’t ever miss them, and neither should you, they put on one hell of a show for their fans, and it is not to be missed.