MARCH 29th 2014
Review by Anka
Photos by Peter Ruttan

Seattle, March 29th 2014, one day after the Vancouver show. Previous night‘s endorphins didn’t have time to wear off, not even diluted by the slight hangover I had to battle for the first half of the day because of the post-show celebrations (well, the Vancouver show had been that good that we needed to celebrate).

We stepped inside at the Showbox just in time for the local opening band which was the only new addition to the lineup we’d seen the night before. I missed their name and no one I talked to was able to provide it for me. The band’s show was decent and stylistically speaking they were maybe more suitable for The Black Dahlia Murder crowd. After this good warm-up, Noisem didn’t have to work half as much they had to the night before - the venue was jam-packed at such an early time. Not that it would have been a challenge for those young guys, who are a pretty mean bunch and put on a quite intense performance… Intense enough to set off a moshpit from the very first thrashy riffs. Seattle 1 – Vancouver 0.
Just like the previous night, Gorguts went through almost half of the new album Colored Sands and briefly addressed the dumbfounded crowd before ending with a fan favorite, the title track from the album Obscura.  For the Gorguts fans, this half hour set was NOT enough.  I guess time flies fast when you’re watching in awe, goose bumps and all, and you get carried away, because listening to Gorguts becomes a sort of a transcendental experience if you’re a fan.

The Black Dahlia Murder was my least favorite in the lineup but overall it wasn’t too bad. There’s good musicianship and entertainment too, their energy is remarkable and the guys manage to command their crowd in a way only few similar bands can. Moshpits run frantically and the energy levels soar to the point where it almost feels like TBDM are the headliners. This Decibel tour was actually my first time seeing them and with a double dose of this, I think I have enough “live material” to ponder now.

This is probably the band that brought in a rather “different” crowd, and this was more obvious in Vancouver. It's a balanced and diverse lineup, and it’s great for the bands to get a bit more exposure to different crowds, though I am pretty sure there wasn't any soul in there who didn't know who Carcass was. 

In Seattle I felt a different energy and a more relaxed attitude from all the bands – or maybe it was just my excitement building up?! Seattle 2 - Vancouver 0. I thought this was pretty clear with Carcass especially. These guys really seemed to enjoy themselves all the time, funny old age laments aside (no Jeff, you are not that old). Even the TBDM singer joined them on the stage for a bit. Setlist-wise, I doubt any fan could complain - there was a fair balance between the new (and awesome) Surgical Steel, Heartwork and Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious, as well as a few tracks off the first albums and even Swansong. It was more than I expected and enough to give me a sore neck, because I went all fangirl on this since I had to make up for my sidelining from the time I saw them at Noctis.

As for the crowd, lots of happy faces. Lovely to hear or discuss anything from favorite albums to anti aging pills, from tech mastery to bands clothing (or the lack of it). If only bands could see speech bubbles over our heads… But hey, this is more refreshing than hearing the average “elitist” fan moan about setlists and the "old stuff" the bands never play enough. See, It's not like that dreaded new album they’re promoting is bad, au contraire (*hint*). Maybe Vancouver had less of the setlist-related moaning, as fans tend to be quick to dismiss their song woes with an extra brew and a good …herbal remedy. Seattle 2 – Vancouver 1.  Obviously my observations are selective and here I am, ironically, moaning about this now.

Conclusion? Even 3 days following the cross-border double, I am still on a concert high and running on pure energy from those shows. Now I have to make an effort not to get too sappy about it. But there’s nothing wrong with this making me happy, right? Or is happiness not trv enough … Peace out - don’t miss Carcass next time they’re here.