MARCH 28th 2014
Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper

Friday night, what a great way to end the work week, a trek into downtown Vancouver to line up outside the Commodore Ballroom to what might just be the most anticipated tour for 2014, the third Decibel Magazine Tour. I was extremely anxious to see this tour because there is only one band on this killer line-up that I have previously seen.

Was a little late in getting there because I just had to check out Carcass at Scrape Records, they were doing a Meet and Greet. A really good turn out too, probably because it was from 6-7pm, and even with that time, it ran a little over. So many people, so many things to be signed, and then the photos. Great opportunity for people to get up close with the band. Like me, who had never seen them before. Hats off to Scrape for putting this on for everyone.

Now let’s get down to the experience, a killer line-up, and what you can expect if you haven’t seen them the end of my review you are going to want to get yourself a ticket or two.

Up first tonight is a band out of Baltimore, Maryland, and they go by the name NOISEM. What you’ll notice first is how young they are, wow, haven’t seen such young faces up on stage in a long time. Plus they have recently formed (2013). They just played for about 20-25 minutes. I really do hate to be negative, but I found them too monotone, the drums started to bother me , just because it seemed to be one prominent beat, the guitar riffs seemed to be the same as well. The singer walked across the stage as if he was just so angry, and then down to the floor on his knees. I get it, they are young and trying to make a name for themselves. So I thought, look around the room, after checking out the crowd, they were not moshing, people were just standing, I concluded that it wasn’t just me. Some of it I did enjoy, when drumming and guitars changed it up a bit, but then they went back to having no variation. But they are young, and with some guidance could make a name for themselves.

Next is GORGUTS, who I have never seen. Last time they were in Vancouver was 25 years ago, and truthfully I wasn’t into the metal scene then. But I thoroughly enjoyed their set. And they are even Canadian. Definitely a band that knows what they are doing, how to execute their set to perfection. The crowds were filling the floor fast, with moshing, and a few crowd surfers. Also a great band to have on this tour, they fit the bill perfectly. You can expect them to play a few newer songs, but you will also enjoy a couple of their older ones as well. The only disappointed factor, their set was just way too short, but I guess that’s what happens when you are so immersed in the music, before you know it, it’s over.  I just hope they don’t wait too long to come back, and with more time on stage next time.

Now everyone, even me, knows the band to hit the stage next…ready .. THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. They played a good 40-45 minutes to a frenzied crowd, mosh pit was crazy, it was even felt up at the barrier. I have to say right away that I was happy to hear them give a shout out to fallen comrade Dave Brockie (Gwar).  Much respect for that. Their set was energized, and Trevor’s vocals were tight. The rest of the band played a set that was flawless. You can’t help but get caught up in their music, watching them on stage just makes you want to throw those horns in the air, and get in that mosh pit and cause some havoc. I much preferred to throw the horns. The crowd had really filled the floor for them, security had doubled at the stage. People who came tonight, got their monies worth for sure. There were some that came tonight who maybe were not fussy about this type of music, but could appreciate the energy and the exemplary set they played.

Lights dim, the crowd starts yelling and now it’s time for the one and only - CARCASS. I wasn’t too sure what to expect since it was my first time to witness this band. They played a variety of songs from their newest album Surgical Steel, to some of their older ones, and they knew just which ones to play to get the crowd going. It was crushing on the floor, no room to move, and the moshing was insane, the crowd surfing doubled, a never ending flow of bodies to duck from. No one cared, they were enjoying some well honed musicians capable of delivering such a varied set to everyone’s  satisfaction. I am guessing that this is the band that pulled in the crowd to make it an almost sold out show. I can see why. The music, the energy, the chat with the crowd, some laughs thrown in for good measure, just what the fans love from a band. After seeing Carcass I now know why they are legendary.  

Don’t just take my word for it, there are still some tour dates to check out these bands, grab a ticket and enjoy one of the most memorable tours to hit 2014.
Wed, April 02 / Denver, CO / Summit Music Hall
Fri, April 04 / Minneapolis, MN / Mill City Nights
Sat, April 05 / Chicago, IL / House Of Blues
Sun, April 06 / Columbus, OH / Newport Music Hall
Mon, April 07 / Pittsburgh, PA / Stage AE
Tue, April 08 / Toronto, ON / Sound Academy
Wed, April 09 / Montreal, QC / Metropolis
Thu, April 10 / Boston, MA / Paradise Rock Club
Fri, April 11 / New York, NY / Best Buy Theater
Sat, April 12 / Philadelphia, PA / Trocadero Theatre
Sun, April 13 / Silver Spring, MD / The Fillmore