MARCH 30th 2015
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper


First off there was a venue change for tonight's show, it was originally to be held at the Commodore Ballroom, just across the street, but for whatever reason, it was held at The Venue. For the first time as well, since covering shows here, there was a photo pit. Great news for photographers, making it much easier to capture the bands.

First up from this tour is VALLENFYRE, from the UK (Record Label: Century Media), and my first experience with this band who defines themselves as death metal. If I heard right, this was the first time they had the opportunity to play in Canada. I am glad they were part of this tour, it gave me the chance to listen, and appreciate their style. If it's death metal you are looking for, this was the perfect way to start off the night. Look at the line-up and you can tell that there is alot of skillful talent, from frenzied  fast riffs, to maniac blasting, and the all consuming vocals, this is definitely a band to keep your eye on.

Next, PALLBEARER, from Little Rock, Arkansas (Record labels: Profound Lore Records/20 Buck Spin), I have been to a show with them before, but I am sorry, I am not a fan at all of what they label themselves as “heavy”, this is pure doom, stoner, and just not my style, but taking a look around the room, told me lots of fans were enjoying, standing and nodding their heads to the beat. The sound is what you would expect from doom, long songs, there was not much movement on stage, but that’s expected too with doom. Personally felt that they would have been a better choice for a different show, not a metal one. They performed well, just not my style.

CONVERGE, from Massachusetts/New York, USA, (Record Labels: Epitaph, Deathwish, Concult), and holy geez, totally a band defined by the genre they claim to be, Hardcore, Metal, Punk, and others. Watching the singer on stage was like watching someone on cocaine, moving, running around, never stopping, until a slower part came along. Felt sorry for the photographers trying to capture this madman on stage. And the mosh pit, that was crazy and brutal, thank goodness I was safely tucked in my spot. These guys had to have lost 10 pounds or more on stage. As far as I know there have not been any member changes, giving them the constant ability to crank out their music. The energy on stage transferred to the crowd. Making it hard for some to take in the whole set, only because the mosh pit kept trying to engage others around them. This band Converge, definitely gives you a hit, pushing to the limits, and not letting go. Yes, they had a ton of energy on stage, but for me, it wasn’t what I was expecting maybe, this was too maniacal for my tastes. But the crowd was loving them.  

Definitely the best was saved for last - AT THE GATES, from Gothenburg, Sweden, (Record Label: Century Media). Wow, I saw them the last time they were here, and they were great then, but this show, took them over the top, even better than last time. Excellent showmanship on stage, cranking out their songs for everyone to enjoy. Let me tell you, looking around the room, oh yeah, there were some crazy mosh goers, but it didn’t seem to matter, everyone had their eyes on the guys from Sweden, there is no mistaking their take on melodic death metal. They played an excellent set of songs, from old to new, with everyone headbanging, horns raised, there is no way that you could not enjoy yourself with them. Excellent sound, good lighting, and for those of us who were enjoying ourselves, maybe not enough time on stage, because before you knew it, their set was over. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this band, they perform and excel, giving us fans their best. Their set was phenomenal, some excellent songs, band members looking like they enjoyed every minute being up there, and I enjoyed every second of their set. But it’s over now :*(