NOVEMBER 15th 2016


Interview By: Metal Mom

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Federico Paulovich of Destrage, who are about to release their new album "A Means To No End" through Metal Blade Records.

1. Who writes the lyrics for your music ?

That’s something which is usually done by Mat and Paul. With this record Paul came up with a series of ideas/concepts as a topic for each song, and together we decided which were the best ones to be transformed into the actual lyrics. Then Mat and Paul worked together to shape the ideas into their final form. I guess Mat puts most of the poetry and Paul most of the metric.

2. How do you go about writing, where do the ideas come from ?

Compared to the way we’ve always worked on composition, at this time we wanted to write music much more as a band. We jammed a lot trying to get the song shape first, and then arranging all the details of every single instrument. Of course there were also some ideas that someone “brought from home”, riffs, grooves, chord progressions; we just tried to build the songs starting from those ideas as well as we used them for particular passages into the songs. We wanted to create a more direct and song-oriented album and we thought that was the only way to proceed to achieve that result, hopefully we succeeded…

3. Do you yourself have a favourite song on the new album, and why that one ?

Well, this is pretty much like asking a dad if he has a favorite son! Lol But if I must choose, I would say Abandon to Random. I like the dark vibe it has, it’s different from the rest of the album; it’s a type of song that we’ve never composed before, so that’s probably why I like it so much. Moreover, I like the fact that we put many different musical ideas into that song, but they don’t feel like they’re rushing, because we wanted to take our time and making the song much more hypnotic. And of course it ends up with a drum solo which clearly makes it the best one! Just joking of course.

4. What made you choose RecLab Studios in Milan for recording, had you used them previously?

We worked at RecLab also for the tracking of “Are You Kidding Me? No.”. Larsen, the owner of the studio, has worked with us as live sound engineer for many years, we’re very good friends so this choice came up very natural. Of course we did that because we knew we would have obtained the highest quality from tracking in that studio. He has top of the line gear for every instrument, and especially because we had to send tracks away to be mixed, we wanted to be sure we could deliver the best quality material.

5. Was it exhausting putting this album together, or did it flow smoothly?

Of course there have been many phases during the writing process.

The very moment when you play the song together you always think “Damn, this stuff rocks!”, but then you listen back to it a few days after and you think “Damn, this stuff sucks…”.

The writing process itself always worked pretty smoothly, but some days we just were particularly inspired and creative, some others we spent hours without getting a single good idea.

I might say the hardest part has been arranging the songs. We always vote to decide if a part has to be changed or deleted, for every single instrument or even for an entire section of a song; and it’s really stressful when you disagree on a part you would like to make in a certain way, especially when it ends differently from how you wanted.

The most important thing is that eventually you understand that the other people in the band are working to achieve a common goal which is also yours, so you have to trust them when a decision in the arrangement goes against your initial idea.

6. Now that the album is completed and about to be released, what are your plans ?

We’re having a release party in our hometown Milan on Oct. 28th, followed up by an Italian tour in Nov. and Japan in Dec.

Then we’ll see if anything for Europe or North America pops out for 2017, we can’t wait to be on the road again!

7. Is there anything you would like to add to this interview ?

I just want to say thank you to Metaltitans for this interview, I wish you guys all the best!

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We at Metaltitans would like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview, and we wish you success with “A Means to No End”.