SEPTEMBER 9th 2015

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper


This show sure was named appropriately, Devastation on the Nation Tour, because all 6 bands devastated the Rickshaw Theatre last night. Definitely a night to remember for most. For me, I had to get into the mindset of death metal, otherwise you just can't do a good job of reviewing.  

First up on stage is INGESTED, a first time for me and pure slamming death metal from Manchester, UK. Trust me, they did more than deliver. There were some technical difficulties on stage, although I didn't notice. They only played for about 25 minutes, I was enjoying it so much I didn't even realize the amount of time until it was over, that was kind of disappointing, as they gave it their all, great songs, great sound, just all around great set for the crowd, and judging from the crowd, Ingested did a superb job of slamming it.

Next is SOREPTION, another first, and if you are interested in some technical death metal, then you have come to the right place. They also have come all the way from Sweden to give us in Vancouver something to get excited about. Boy looking around the room, the floor was pretty full, and very active. Just the way death metal should be. Another set that excelled, great songs, executed to perfection. A lot of people were expressing just how great a job they did after the show, and I fully agree. For me, I love being right up front getting the full impact of what the live performance is like. Soreption nailed it and nailed it hard. Don't miss the opportunity to witness them live.

ALTERBEAST, technical death metal out of Sacramento, CA, and I can tell you they are downright brutal, reminds me a little of Black Dahlia Murder, but still have created their own sound mixed in. And with that, you had some killer tunes to mosh to. Looking around the room, which I do a lot to judge just how well the band is making an impression, I will tell you now, they really did an excellent job, Alterbeast performed their songs well, had the attention of the crowd, and held it for their whole set.

After awhile though, for me, it is hard to distinguish between the bands, they need to have something that stands out from the others, a lot of death metal bands don't have that distinction between them. That is not saying it is a bad thing, but when you are reviewing, it can be tough. Even something as simple as having something unique in clothes, something that makes you stand out above the others. Kind of why I like a tour that is not all the same, because sometimes you need a variety to make a band shine.

Next is AEON, another Swedish band out of Östersund, whom I had the pleasure of seeing twice in February with Cannibal Corpse and Behemoth. So I knew what I was going to get, and Aeon did not disappoint. Extremely talented in what they do, and carried out an excellent set, much to my enjoyment. They are brutal, and no holds barred they kick ass. Another band that knows how to execute a spotless performance. I have to say though, a lot of the time I ended up watching the drummer, because for the life of me I don't know how he has his feet double kicking, his arms going in every which direction and head whirling all at once. Exceptional performance by each and every member of Aeon.

ORIGIN, well everyone knows this name, and it is all about the death shred, and shred was an understatement. I happen to be standing in front of Paul, and his hand was a blur while he cranked out those riffs. This band is fast, and I don't even think fast is the right word, it is like a band that has drank a lot of energy drinks, winding them up, and letting them go. There is no mistaking the speed behind this band. Truthfully the fans of Vancouver, were here for Origin tonight. Here is the formula for tonight’s Origin performance: 20% headbangers, 60% moshers, and the other 20% stage divers! Let me tell you I have not seen so many stage divers in a lot of years. This was so cool to see, and I winced a few times wondering if they were going to be caught. Security guys came in to make sure things went smoothly. As far as I could tell, no one was seriously injured, and a lot of fun was had. Again another band that gave it their all and it showed.

They always say “saved the best for last" .. guess what, they did. For me, KRISIUN is an amazing death metal band out of Rio Grande do Sul, a southern region of Brazil. You will know what Death Metal is all about when Krisiun hits the stage with their onslaught of songs, a variety that is sure to fill every metalheads heart with pounding brutal rhythms and devastation. What surprised me the most, the floor was not filled, who in their right mind misses Krisiun, and with most shows, usually everyone shows up for the last band or two. It didn't happen this time around. Sad to say, it must have been disappointing for Krisiun to be up their showing their skills to not such a large group of fans. But the ones there, enjoyed it immensely, I did. Especially since I could spend their whole set right up front, and not once did I get hammered in the back by some mosher. What a great way to enjoy the band. They played a variety, and to tell you the truth, I didn't know all the songs, but there was not one I didn't like or was ecstatic to hear. Krisiun has their sound, their song structures down to perfection, and they shared it with us. It was really an honour to be there to watch them at their best.   

If you are a fan of Death Metal, then this is a tour NOT TO BE MISSED, here are the remaining tour dates, catch it when it comes to your city, you will not be disappointed:

9/12 Salem, OR Duffy's Hangar
9/13 San Jose, CA Rockbar Theater
9/14 Upland, CA The Grizzly Den
9/15 San Diego, CA Brick By Brick
9/16 Phoenix, AZ Joe's Grotto
9/17 Las Vegas, NV LVCS
9/18 Salt Lake City, UT Bar Deluxe
9/19 Denver, CO Roxy Theater
9/20 Albuquerque, NM Blu Phoenix Venue
9/22 Dallas, TX Gas Monkey B&G
9/23 Austin, TX Dirty Dog Bar
9/24 Houston, TX Scout Bar
9/27 Fayetteville, NC Drunk Horse Pub
9/28 Louisville, KY Diamonds Pub
9/29 Baltimore, MD Ottobar
9/30 Reading, PA Reverb
10/1 Brooklyn, NY Saint Vitus Bar
10/2 Buffalo, NY Broadway Joe's
10/3 Toronto, ON Mod Club
10/4 Lakewood, OH The Foundry