JANUARY 4th 2015

Review by YouFO

Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal / Metal
Hometown: Opole, Poland
Record Label: Unsigned

Well Poland has some excellent musicians, so I am looking forward to listening to Devilish Impression’s latest. They are also a new band for me, I haven’t heard their stuff before. Checking out their site, it says “MUSIC for the EXTREME experiMENTAL generation ONLY”. Now this alone has my interest peaked.

Recorded at Studio Hertz and Sound Division Studio those two tracks (clocking still close to twenty minutes).  The fitting and crushing artwork is done by Upgrade Studio

After giving this numerous listens, what surprises me most, they are unsigned, how that can be, I will never know, this, kicks major ass. It grabbed my attention right from the get go, and didn’t let go. It truly is extreme, and all together black and death metal, they have put this together with some talented musicians who knew exactly how to put these two genres together and create something that will get your pumped, make no mistake. It is always something you will listen to over and over again. No matter your mood, this is a real bonus to have. Guitars, bass, drums, vocals, there is nothing here to complain about, in fact this undoubtedly should see them get a record label.

What makes this so great, I’ll tell you, Adventvs Regis is the first song, and it demands your ear, it starts off slow at first, but then slams into some heavy sounds, deep growling vocals. The guitar riffs are executed to perfection, heavy / fitting, together with the bass and impressive drum blasts, low rasping vocals, really what more can you ask for, this is exactly what you expect from such a band. There is even melody, and yes that fits in well.

Devastating band of mind-blowing dominance when it comes to putting together Death and Black Metal. So make sure in February, you grab Devilish Impressions “ADVENTVS”, it will leave you wanting more. Keep you eyes open because it is an extremely limited 12” Mini-LP.

Devilish Impressions Adventvs Regis:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilcSwRy85Uw