OCTOBER 9th 2016

Interview By: Ruben Mosqueda



Metal Titans recently caught up with up and coming So Cal based artist Eric Knight who fronts the band Disciples of Babylon. If you’re into hard driving, contemporary, hard rock then perhaps you should check these guys out.  Their latest release is an E.P. titled ‘Welcome to Babylon.’ We have enclosed the band’s links at the bottom of the interview.

Metal Titans: You’re based out of Hollywood. How has the ‘rock scene’ changed since the inception of Disciples of Babylon in 2012?

Eric Knight: I'm not quite sure how it's changed, if it's changed at all. When I started the band initially it was just Ramon (lead guitarist) and I writing and working on material. We didn't officially come out until 2015 so I can't judge how it's changed. I wouldn't necessarily consider us a part of that 'Hollywood' music scene per se, although we're based here. I think rock music is thriving, although people keep saying 'rock is dead' I believe it's just on the other end of the pendulum and slowly coming back. Everything in music goes in cycles. I feel the current 'reunion' of Guns N' Roses is a great shot in the arm that the rock scene needs now to bring back the focus and attention on how great the music actually is. Rock is still alive and well and there are some amazing bands on the scene today that are taking the torch and running with it. We hope to be a part of that.  

Metal Titans: With so many bands lifting from other bands have you ever caught a band live and felt that the band on stage might have ‘taken’ something from Disciples of Babylon?

Eric Knight Never! We are such a new band in the grand scheme of things that we haven't come across that. I would assume that if we did we would be flattered to a certain degree, although outside of a blatant rip off we probably wouldn't do anything about it but smile. 

Metal Titans: How did you guys get Andres Torres to produce the E.P.? He’s mainly known for work with Latin artists, no?

Eric Knight: Yes, he is! Well that came from the friendship between Ramon our guitarist and Andres. We all went to the same music school [Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music] I graduated a few years earlier then Ramon & Gui [bassist] did. Ramon & Gui were there at the same time and became friends. While there, Ramon struck a friendship with Andres and they became best friends. It was during our discussions on what the next step was for the band that Ramon suggested Andres being our producer. Andres ironically enough comes from a big rock background growing up and is an amazing drummer as well, playing all the drums (before we had a drummer) on our debut EP. Andres for us was a HUGE key to the puzzle for us, in the sense that he took our songs and sound as a band to the next level. He definitely found our voice and interpreted it in an amazing way. We are very excited that he is working with us on our next release coming in 2017.

Metal Titans: Why an E.P. vs. an entire record? Did it have more to do with finances or was it strategic?

Eric Knight: I think it may have been a little bit of both. We felt less was more initially. We said let's make these 3 songs the absolute best we can and put them out there almost as a test to ourselves and the world to see what the reaction would be. So far the reaction has been unreal! People are responding and wanting more and that's what we intend on doing. It's taken a life of its own and we are building on it each and every day.

Metal Titans: What’s your take on bands ‘paying’ to open or buying their way onto tours?

Eric Knight: This is an interesting subject indeed. You have 'pay to play' shows which we vehemently oppose on every level and we actually made a conscious decision from the inception of the band that we would not take part in any of that crap going on which is a big thing here in LA as well as other parts of the country.

Then you have tour 'buy ons' which is what you are speaking of directly. This one is a bit different in the sense of yes you are still paying to play but it's really about a judgement call on how beneficial that tour would be for the band in question as well as several other factors. It sucks in that regard but it's the cost of doing business and has been for a while now. Basically you become the 'headliners' defacto sponsor in a sense because what you are paying to be on that tour is offsetting their cost for them to go out on the road. It makes business sense for the headliners that are bringing pretty much a built in crowd to the opening acts. The flip side of that coin is that you may be playing the opening slot of a 4 band bill and going on right as doors open and you may get hardly anyone in there seeing your set. So it's really a risk vs. reward type of situation, if it makes sense in that type of situation and there is more reward then I would say a good business decision. Because you could actually speed up the process of getting out to the masses and your target audience in a shorter amount of time then trying to build it piece by piece. It's a practice that I don't necessarily like personally, but as I mentioned earlier it is the cost of doing business.

Metal Titans: What’s one of the highlights of your career so far and why?

Eric Knight: I think it's taking something like we have done with this project from nothing to what it has become today and growing it a major highlight of I know not only my career but of Chris, Ramon & Gui's as well. You go in thinking this is great and you hope that there is a great reaction and response. When you see it actually happening, it is the most gratifying thing anyone can experience. Look the reality is we are still a baby band in the grand scheme of things, we have a very long road ahead of us but so far we are off to an amazing start and can't wait to see where the journey takes us next. We have the most amazingly supportive fans that love what we are doing, and we are so thankful for that you couldn't even imagine.

Metal Titans: We’re at the tail end of 2016, what’s the plan for Disciples of Babylon for the remainder of the year and what’s in store for 2017?

Eric Knight: We have been in writing mode for what will become our first full length release in which we hope will be out by the spring of 2017. We are also going to be shooting videos for the other 2 tracks, "The Great Pretend" as well as "Arrived" off of our EP 'Welcome to Babylon' which we hope to have out by this year.  And we will begin to tour much more extensively in the coming months as well and just continuing to build the story.

Metal Titans: You have a video clip for the track “Karma” what’s the story behind that song?

Eric Knight: Karma came from an initial riff that Ramon presented to me from our earliest writing sessions for the band. Typically the minute I hear something that strikes me like that riff did I immediately had a sense of what that song would be about. Of course it was coming from a personal time and moment in my life so it was perfect in the sense of what I was feeling and how I could express it. It's a monster riff and we immediately knew that Karma would be our introduction to the world. That was the spark that let us know that we had something very special happening with this band. We wanted to come out with guns blazing and 'Karma' certainly accomplished that for us.