MAY 20th 2017

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Fred of Dragonforce, who today, May 19th are about to release their seventh studio album “Reaching Into Infinity” through Metal Blade Records.

How did you come up with the name “Reaching Into Infinity” for the album?

Marc came up with it. It’s what we want the listener to do, with the power of our music. Music is escapism, and people need escapism in this fucked up world.

Can we expect to hear the band’s trademark sound of insanely fast solos?

Yes, but not “just because” like it might have been the case sometimes in the past. I think we have proven that we are good at playing fast and technical, but I think now we are more than even concentrating on the song writing, and less show off stuff.

What else can we expect to hear from this album?

I wrote most of it, and I don't listen to power metal much, so I’d say this is more “metal”. I really tried to get the same feeling I had when I first discovered heavy metal, and rather that rip off bands I like, I tried to get the same vibe, which is not the same thing. So, to me this is a very honest, pure metal album.

Your first album to feature Gee Anzalone, the Italian drummer - how were his drum blasts, was he the heartbeat to the songs?

Gee is a great drummer and brought a lot of energy to the mix, that's for sure. He is very enthusiastic and this gives a lot of positive vibes.

One comment I read is “It’s great to challenge ourselves instead of staying in the comfort zone” - so we can expect a little more from this album than previously? Why the challenge? Some bands have sounded the same for 20 plus years, and fans still love them?

Yeah, like I said, to me it was a challenge to write most of the songs and have the rest of the band trust my vision, so to say. And because I have a different background and different way of writing, this is a departure from the old Dragonforce…a bit. We are still playing melodic metal, but it has less keyboards, shorter songs, different chord progressions… to me it’s interesting and I don't really like bands that don't evolve. Music is art and I think it’s great to evolve and risk and try.

Was it an easy process to complete this album?  Did you have any issues?

Apart from acoustic guitars, everything was fine. Some songs were hard to play, harder than when you do a demo version and you think everything is gonna be fine, and when it’s time to do it clean you realize its gonna take time, but yeah, so almost everything was fine.

Who writes the songs, and where does the inspiration come from?

Sam wrote 2 (one with the help of Vadim), we wrote 1 together, and I wrote the rest. As for lyrics, I wrote some on my own, like “Ashes of the Dawn” and “Curse of Darkness”, then some with Marc, some with Sam, Sam wrote some on his own. I don't really know about the others sources of influence. As far as Im concerned…I don't even know ;) everything is a source of influence. Watching TV, travelling, going out with friends, music, books…

Of the songs on the album, do you have a personal favourite?

Hard to say. It kinda changes all the time. It could be “Edge of the World”, because this is really not what Dragonforce is usually doing and I like it.

Love the album cover - where did the idea come from for it?

Thanx. I came up with the original idea of having a fucked up world and the DF logo in the middle of it, all electric, like a source of energy. Then Herman and Caio took over and added the dragon and fine tuned everything and..voila!

You have some tour dates coming up, with 2 dates being North America: Chicago Open Air (July15), and Rise Above Festival (July 22). Any chance you might have more dates for us here in North America?

Yes, now the dates have been announced, check for more details but yeah, in July we gonna do a bunch.

Is there some place that you haven’t played, that you would really enjoy?

Iceland. And Egypt. Mongolia! Actually, I’d love to be able to play EVERYWHERE at least once. That would be great!

Is there any city/town/country, that you have a real following?

It changes with time, but Japan really loves us .. and that's a good thing because I love Japan. Its my favorite country in the world!

Does Dragonforce take up all your time, or do you have some spare time to enjoy other adventures?

I guess you haven’t check my other band Sinsaenum, then J But yeah, I make sure I have time to do other things. Sinsaenum, also a French death metal band called Loudblast. I need this, it’s nice to be able to express myself more than just one way.

What would we find you doing if you were not working with Dragonforce?

Music, that's for sure. But apart from music.. I don't know. In a kitchen maybe. Or in the video games industry. Or with animals. I don't know. There’s a lot of things that seem interesting to do.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that you want people to know, about the new album, a tour, or what’s next for you guys?

 I think I pretty much told you everything you needed to know. Check the video for our new single “Ashes of the Dawn”, hope you will enjoy it and you will enjoy the new album, and see you on the road this summer!!

Thank you for doing this interview, we appreciate you taking the time to do this with us. We would like to wish you much success also on your new album “Reaching Into Infinity”.

Thank you!!

Tour Dates:
Jun 14  Umeda Club Quattro,  Osaka, Japan    
Jun 15  Bottom Line, Nagoya Shi, Japan     
Jun 16  Duo Music Exchange, Tokyo, Japan   
Jun 17  The Hidden Agenda  Kwun Tong, Hong Kong China     
Jun 20  Capitol  Perth, Australia      
Jun 21  170 Russell  Melbourne, Australia    
Jun 22  The Basement   Canberra, Australia    
Jun 24  Manning Bar  Camperdown, Australia  
Jun 25  The Triffid  Newstead, Australia    
Jun 28  The Foundry  Christchurch, New Zealand   
Jun 30  San Fran  Wellington, New Zealand     
Jul 01  Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland, New Zealand    
Jul 07  Slims, San Francisco, CA       
Jul 08  The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood, CA   
Jul 09  Club Red,  Mesa, AZ     
Jul 11  The Rock Box, San Antonio, TX    
Jul 12  Gas Monkey, Dallas, TX       
Jul 14  Fubar, Saint Louis, MO    
Jul 15  Chicago Open Air,  Bridgeview, IL    
Jul 17  E1 Club, Detroit, MI     
Jul 18  Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington, DC    
Jul 20  Highline Ballroom,  New York, NY        
Jul 21  Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA       
Jul 22  Rise Above Festival  Bangor, ME     
Jul 23  Corona Theatre, Montreal, Canada       
Jul 24  The Opera House, Toronto, Canada      
Jul 26  The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA      
Jul 27  The Beacham, Orlando, FL     
Jul 28  The Orpheum, Tampa, FL    
Jul 29  Culture Room,  Ft Lauderdale, FL    
Sep 06  El Lunario del Auditorio Nacional Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico    
Sep 09  Revolution Rock Festival, New London, CT    
Oct 04  Glasgow Garage, Glasgow, United Kingdom    
Oct 05  Riverside Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom     
Oct 06  York Fibbers, York, United Kingdom    
Oct 07  Corporation, Sheffield, United Kingdom      
Oct 08  Sound Control, Manchester, United Kingdom    
Oct 11  O2 Academy, Birmingham, United Kingdom     
Oct 12  The Globe, Cardiff, United Kingdom      
Oct 13  Electric Ballroom, London, United Kingdom      
Oct 14  Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth, United Kingdom    
Oct 15  Forum  Tunbridge, Wells, United Kingdom         
Oct 16  The Booking Hall, Dover, United Kingdom       
Oct 18  De Effenaar, Kleine Zaal  Eindhoven, Netherlands      
Oct 19  Biebob  Vosselaar, Belgium      
Oct 20  La Laiterie  Strasbourg, France   
Oct 21  La Maroquinerie, Paris, France      
Oct 23  Essigfabrik, Cologne, Germany    
Oct 24  LKA - Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany    
Oct 25  Backstage Werk, Munich, Germany     
Oct 26  Z7 Konzertfabrik, Pratteln, Switzerland     
Oct 28  Serraglio, Milano, Italy     
Oct 29  Zona Roveri, Bologna, Italy      
Oct 31  Simm City Festsaal Zentrum Simmering, Vienna, Austria   
Nov 01  Masters Of Rock Café, Zlin, Czech Republic   
Nov 02  Columbia Theater, Berlin, Germany  
Nov 04  Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Bremen, Germany   
Nov 05  Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark    
Nov 06  Sticky Fingers, Göteborg, Sweden     
Nov 07  Vulkan Arena, Oslo, Norway    
Nov 10  On The Rocks, Helsinki, Finland    
Nov 11  Clubzal  St. Petersburg, Russian Federation  
Nov 12  Volta, Moscow, Russian Federation