MAY 24th 2015

Review by: YouFO

Crush The Sublime Gods is the bands upcoming 3rd studio album to be released Feb.24 by Century Media. The band members consist of Dr. Toxic (guitars/backing vocals), Dr. Rad (bass/backing vocals), Dr. Mania (vocals),and Dr. Slam (drums ).

I was handed this to review, but I have no experience with the band, so first time listen for me. What to expect from Crush The Sublime Gods, I think you can safely say they are a crossover band, meaning a mix of thrash and hardcore punk, but giving it an old school thrash feel, so if you are a fan, then this Swedish band has created something I think you will enjoy.

Give a listen and you will find the album has that fast tempo and overall aggression. The songs also have some low register guitar riffs, along with some shredding. Drumming is more along the lines of old hardcore punk. You are typically getting that all around old school thrash. Is that a good thing, yes, it is, you can't go wrong with the old school style. A lot of the album has that metal groove to it, and some solid break downs. There is one song though that I have stuck in my head after listening to the whole album, "Salvation", WOW, this is powerful, more powerful than the others, and more of a ballad, exceptional song.

Crush The Sublime Gods is being released in these formats: Standard CD Jewelcase, limited Digipak CD (with two bonus tracks), limited LP (including the CD of the Digipak version) and as digital album.

Track Listing:
01. Final Broadcast
02. Crush The Sublime Gods
04. Eternal Darkness Of The Fucked Up Mind
05. Buck$
06. Civilized To Death
07. Another Life
08. Force Fed
09. Scanners
10. Salvation
11. No Way Out
12. Triggerkiller
13. Wake Up...Join The Dead!