FEBRUARY 5th 2019


Welcome to Metal Titans, Guardians of Music Entertainment Worldwide. We are here with a band that is based out of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany – DRUNKEN FOOLS. 

Drunken Fools are:

Sönke Martens, guitar and vocals
Maleen Stangier, vocals
Martin Lübcker, bass
Jasmin Grünau, keyboard
Marcus Junge, drums

MetalTitans: The band originally started up in 1996, did you have someone that inspired you? Tell us how it came about.

Sönke: The goal was clear: I wanted to drink beer in good company. In my youthful carelessness I thought, that musicians are known for being able to tolerate a lot of alcohol, so I founded a band. And of course, we wanted to play music – which happened by the way.

MT: Why did you pick the name Drunken Fools to be the band name?

The Name of the Band was how we lived in our early days. We didn`t miss any opportunity and had lots of fun. “Drunken Fools” was created during a hearty banquet.

MT: Tell us how each of your members came to be in the band?

Sönke: I can tell you easily. I have founded the band those days with the then bassist Gunnar.

Marcus: I joined the band in 1998, replacing the former drummer Marcel. Those days I was still drumming in another band and then drove double-tracked. Finally, I decided to remain completely a Drunken Fool.

Jasmin: I joined the Band in 2017. Sönke is my neighbor and during a festival in our Village we talked about music. He told me about the band, and I told him about me playing the piano. So, one thing joined the other.

Martin: I met Sönke in 2014 for the first time at a party of a mutual friend. We drank a lot of beer and finally, he invited me to a rehearsal. The band was looking for a bassist but actually, I am a drummer. I had to learn how to play bass. I did and the learning still continues.

Maleen: I moved in the Neighborhood to become a band member

MT: When you were a kid, is this something you wanted to do?

Sönke: I started to play music early on and it has always been one of my dreams to find a band someday and to be on stage.

Jasmin: This is not different with me: Since I was little, I play music

Martin: When I was a kid, I wanted to become a police officer or a firefighter. At some point I discovered Metal to be my favorite.

Marcus: When I was a kid, I already drummed on the Couch cushions in front of the TV whenever there was music played. I was practically born with the drum set in my hands.

Maleen: I sang along everywhere when I was little. My Grandma had a portable tape recorder with a microphone. My absolute favorite toy those days!

MT: What made you choose to be Atmospheric Rock?

We did not really choose our style. Right from the beginning we did what we wanted to do and did not think about any style. Who thinks that we play Atmospheric Rock: OK. Who thinks we play Folk: Great too. We don`t like to be pushed in a certain direction.

MT: What is the most exciting thing that has happened to Drunken Fools?

Sönke: Well, I guess I can speak for all of us. The most exciting thing that happened to Drunken Fools is definitely the shoot of our first video last fall. We met the 4k Filmproduktion. The owner agreed to do the video with us. So that is how the video “Escape” became our acting premiere. That was the most exciting weekend in the band`s history.

MT: Who creates the lyrics for the songs?

Sönke: In the early days of the Band`s history our then keyboardist Björn and I wrote the Lyrics together. Björn`s lyrics are still being used on the new album. Right now I am the only lyric writer. I hope the other bandmembers will start contributing someday though.

MT: Where does the inspiration to write them come from?

Sönke: The lyrics mostly are about life. Things to think about. Fatalities. But we are also inspired by literature: The songs “Bebandburg” or “Kjartan” are about the events in the perios of origin of the English kingdom for example. The song “My Treasure” is about some motives of J.R.R. Tolkien.

MT: I have read that you wrote the SV Hochdonn football anthem, is it still played at games?

Sönke: Yeah, that was in 2004. The idea for this anthem was founded with a good beer and maybe some other alcoholic drinks, as you can surely imagine. I can`t remember exactly anymore. This song is still being sung today at home games or certain celebrations. We plan to cooperate with the association again in the near future.

MT: You now have a second album called "Escape", and was released in December of 2018, how did you come up with the name?

Sönke: Actually, we thought a lot about the name of the new album. In the end we came up with “Escape”. In our opinion, “Escape” is the best song on the album and on top of this we created a video for this song.

MT: Who created the artwork, and where did the idea come from?

Jasmin: The artwork was a co-production of Sönke, me and the “Neuwerker Reklameschmiede”. The owner of the company also supports us with a lot of other things.

Sönke: The cover photo was being shot in Sweden. Marcus, Martin and I go on a hiking tour every year in Scandinavia. We had a lot of fun at the place shown and there are also some other exciting picture. Unfortunately, those pics where not suitable for a cover photo. At least we didn`t have to worry about image rights. Water and Nature: This is a place to escape, if the everyday life becomes too much.

MT: You have 13 tracks on the album, do you have a personal favourite? And why that one if you do.

Sönke: Clearly “Escape” to me. The lyrics fit perfect for me at the moment and the song is moving the legs.

Jasmine: I like “Rebirth” the most because the lyrics are well written, and it varies musically.

Martin: “Cold”. It’s the first song ever, I played in the band.

Marcus: Also “Cold”. This song existed in a pristine version on the first album in 1997, before my time with the Drunken Fools. Until today my favorite Song.

Maleen: “Teufelsgesicht”. This song is really fun to play together.  Will you be touring in support of the album?

Marcus: Currently the pregnancy of Maleen is preventing us from supporting the album with live performances. We hope to start performing in summer. We will start with “Stöfenparkrock” in Marne, which is located in Dithmarschen.

MT: Where would your dream tour take you?

Sönke: Clearly Sweden. We would love to play there.

Jasmin: And the first Song on every set should be “Cold”.

MT: Tell us something we should know about DRUNKEN FOOLS

Sönke: We have a certain Philosophie: The most important thing is the chemistry between the members. Music comes after this. Our Motto is: You do not have to be able to do anything, we will do it together.

Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview.