NOVEMBER 24th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with  Frank Sacramone, the keyboardist from Earthside of New Haven, Connecticut. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. How did you come up with the name Earthside as the band’s name ?

Basically, we all sat down and tried to come up with words or phrases that would represent the music we were trying to make. “Earthside” came up in a brainstorming session, and we all agreed that the name fit with the sound of our music- epic and expansive.

2. How did it happen that everyone came together to form the band ?

It was almost by some sort of strange fate that all of us came together. My family moved to a small town (~4,500 people) in Connecticut in the 90s. We were introduced to a family that lived nearby; lo and behold I met Jamie when I was about 6 or 7 years old. At a young age we both possessed a hunger for music and composition, and continued writing together for many years.

Due to health issues, I had to leave the public school system (which Jamie was in) and was enrolled in a private school. There, with each graduating class consisting of about 60 people, I met Ben. We had an immediate connection as musicians and began to jam regularly. At one point Jamie and I started talking about forming a new music project, and Ben was our top choice as drummer.

Years later, as things didn’t work out with our old band and rotating bassists, one of Jamie’s friends had a girlfriend whose brother was a musician at the UHartt Conservatory. He was introduced to us, and we were quickly impressed by his ability to hop in with our complex material. From there we really started becoming a unit and formed what is now Earthside.

3. You have different vocalists on this album, do you not have a permanent vocalist yet?

We do not have a permanent vocalist. In fact, we’re not even sure if we ever want one, but we are open to the idea. Obviously there are pros and cons to not having an official vocalist, but the nice thing about using all different guest vocalists is that you can really explore different sonic territory and express different emotions with different voices.

4. The genre that you have listed on facebook is - Cinematic Rock, explain to us, what this actually means..

Our music is very cerebral. Not in an overtly technical way, but in a way that challenges people’s emotions, much like movies do. We have sweeping compositions that play out like a movie soundtrack. We want people to feel and imagine the songs as we do.

5. What made you choose this style over any others ?

I don’t think it’s a conscious choice. It’s just the way we write. We have a lot to say about life philosophy and the world, and the music we write is the best way to express that. It also pushes us to our limits as musicians. We are always trying to innovate how we express our emotions through music.

6. Who wrote the lyrics for your songs ?

The writers vary from song to song, but a combination of Jamie, Ben, and I wrote all of the lyrics.

7. Where did the inspiration come from for the writing ?

It differs between songs. “Mob Mentality” draws inspiration from the fear of death, the frailty of life, and leaving a legacy. “A Dream in Static” is a response to the nature of our lives as art-rock musicians. The line “fighting for no reward” describes all the sacrifice and work we put into making our music with the realization that no one may ultimately care about what we do. “Crater” can be viewed as a response to society pushing people to “have a normal life”, to get a normal job and seek comfort rather than respecting the people going off the beaten path. “Contemplation of the Beautiful” is a song about the unfairness of life told through the concept of beauty. How does one make a value judgment on life if life is so unfair between person to person.

8. Since you live in the USA, what made you decide to go to Sweden to record your first album ? Is there not anyone in the USA who could capture this sound ?

The decision came about through a long process of research and talking with different producers around the world. We sent hail mary emails to a number of producers and didn’t think any of them would really respond. David Castillo took interest in us after hearing our demos, and we were able to work out a really good deal with him. The type of music we play is very rare so there are not many producers who are used to capturing the sound we wanted. Therefore, it’s more of an international community of producers who could do music like this. There are certainly some very capable producers in the USA who probably could have done it, but it just worked out that David was the best choice at the time.

9. Whose idea was it to work with an orchestra ?

Jamie had completed an orchestral segment for his thesis at Yale University. When Ben and I heard this compositional idea we told him he had to finish this and put it on the Earthside record. We care very deeply about the process of music making and decided that there was no way we could have fake orchestra on this track.

10. Was it a hard experience with so many musicians ?

The hardest part was probably the score prep for Jamie. Since he orchestrated it himself, he had to make sure the scores were playable and that the articulations made sense for each instrument. The musicians themselves were very good, and the Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra producer Yuri Sazinoff kept the sessions on track.

11. What do you hope people get out of "A Dream in Static ?

We are trying to make a stand for “real” music and emotional music. A lot of music out today replaces real musicians with programmed drums, programmed strings, etc. By doing this, a lot of the feel and emotion is lost in the music. Also, a lot of music today doesn’t contain heavy emotional content, and we hope that people will see the merits of emotionally challenging music by stimulating their thoughts about their lives and the world.

12. Who came up with the name by the way, and what kind of inspiration created it ?

“A Dream in Static” was also the result of a brainstorming session. It represents an unclear path to finding meaning in what you do. We put so much work into what we do, but what is it ultimately amounting to?

13. Who is the artist who did the artwork for your album ?

Travis Smith did the artwork. He is phenomenally talented, and his artwork really captures the essence of our music.

14. How did you come to pick this artist over any others ?

We had a period of time where we picked out a bunch of artists we liked and then did a process of elimination.

15. Did you give the artist some ideas or did he come up with the idea and you ran with it?

It was definitely a collaborative experience. We would describe what we’re looking for and then he would send us something. Sometimes he’d send us pieces and then we’d comment back on them

16. Tell us something you would like people to know about Earthside.....

We all care about what we do to the highest level. What we present to you are our truest emotions, and we would never cut corners to express ourselves. We humbly thank everyone for their support in these growing stages of the band.

17. Do you have a tour planned after the release ? And where might that be ?

We just finished a two week tour with Soilwork and Soulfly! It was certainly a very rewarding experience. We have some plans in the works, some that may include Europe, but nothing concrete to reveal right now.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us here at Metaltitans, your new release is spectacular, and we wish you all the success with it.
Thank you guys so much for the interview!