FEBRUARY 27th 2016

Review by: YouFO

Label: AFM Records
Genre: Alternative Metal

To Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the band, a special Emil Bulls album was released February 5th. The past years best songs got an overhaul, the 'Candlelight' versions were born and immediately got some attention.

In November/December of 2015 Emil Bulls presented their song collection live in a relaxed atmosphere (Candlelight), and of course their usual (Hellfire, select cities only).

They have been around for 20 years, so obviously they are doing something right, "XX", the core package is build on acoustic versions of the bands highlights. CD 2 (available only in the Digipak) instead contains the original version with what you expect from Emil.

The arrangements are something out of the ordinary, the acoustic guitars and drums pull the tone together for the songs. This CD is different from all others I review, and wasn't too sure I would even like it, but take a step back, forget all other music, and just enjoy what is brought to the table. It gave me a new experience that I am still in awe of. I suggest you do the same, brush aside what you expect to hear, open your mind, and give Emil Bulls XX a good listen. They really do give you a whole new experience to which you will enjoy.

Track Listing:
01.Here Comes the Fire
02.The Jaws of Oblivion
03.The Way of the Warrior
05.The Most Evil Speech
06.Close to the Wind
07.Worlds Apart
08.Nothing in This World
09.Gone Baby Gone
10.Not Tonight Josephine
11.When God Was Sleeping
12.Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
13.Dear Sadness
14.Dancing on the Moon
15.All For You

EMIL BULLS - Here Comes The Fire (Candlelight Version)