MARCH 18th 2015

Review by: Metal Mom

Genre: Metal
Label: Gain (EU, Scandinavia)
Trooper Entertainment (JPN)
FrostByte (US)

Band Members:
Mikael Sehlin - Vocals
Niclas Engelin - Guitar
Marcus Sunesson - Guitar
Steve Drennan - Bass
Oscar Nilsson - Drums

Track list:
01.  Salvation
02. Your Shadow Haunts You
03. Denial
04. Fading Light
05. My Dark Path
06. I Am The Answer
07. When The Earth Burns
08. End Of Days
09. Sanctuary
10. Broken Pieces
11. Hollow Soul

I would love to say…Holy Cra_ , is this ever the best, GO BUY IT. But I think you want more. So here it is.

Did the song capture your interest ? Had to put this up to give you a taste of what this album is like. This just might be my all time favourite on the album, but every song, all 11 bring something to the table that captures your attention.

Engel is a melodic death metal band with some alternative and industrial influences from Gothenburg, Sweden. They have released 4 albums to date, here they are: their debut album "Absolute Design", was released in 2008. Second album "Threnody", released in North America 2011.Their third album, "Blood of Saints",  released in the United States in 2012. Their fourth album “Raven Kings” was released this year to North America January 27, 2015.
A tiny bit of history here: Niclas Engelin, guitarist, is the founding member and started the band in 2002. Sadly with other commitments, he doesn’t do any live tours with Engel these days, but don’t think for a moment he isn’t creative behind the scenes.  

In 2006, Robert Hakemo was replaced by Johan Andreassen, and the same year, Michael Håkansson became the new bass player. August 14, 2008, Håkansson left the band to pursue other opportunities. Steve Drennan took over playing bass during November of 2008. 2010, the band replaced their drummer, Daniel "Mojjo" Moilanen with Jimmy Olausson, who also plays drums for Marionette. In June 2014, Olausson decided to quit the band and was replaced with Oscar Nilsson. 2013 saw a new vocalist by the name of Mikael Sehlin.
Engel recorded Raven Kings fourth album in Creahate Studios in mid-2014, which was released November 26, 2014 through Gain Music/Sony in Europe and on January 27, 2015 in US/Canada. A video for the opening track Salvation was also released at the same time.

ENGEL are back with a piece of euphoria, their 4th album, Raven Kings, and this was created for all who enjoy masterful, powerful music. It was not made for just one genre to enjoy, this album is for everyone. They have definitely raised their standards with Raven Kings. These are five very talented musicians with a clear vision of what they want and strive to  accomplish just that. I knew this would be an amazing album, as I have enjoyed their previous albums with all their melodic balances and rock attitude, there is just so much given to us in this album. This truly is my kind of music, I just can’t label it, because it has so many elements to enjoy. I appreciate the vocals more when I can hear and understand the lyrics, and the melodic approach is over the top. What’s important for me when I review,  is being able to identify each of the instruments, that none get lost or drowned out, this album fits together so well, it’s like a puzzle fitting together.

After listening to the album many many times,  I just could not find anything that I disliked. So Raven Kings is true perfection, and I am guessing a lot of hard work, time and effort went into this classic treasure.

Please, take my word for it with this album, check it out: Engel “Raven Kings”.

Here are some videos to check out from their previous works:

Engel: “Absolute Design“ - Casket Closing

Engel: “Threnody” - Sense the Fire

Engel: “Blood of Saints”

Engel: “Raven Kings” - Your Shadow Haunts You