MARCH 20th 2015

Review By: Metal Mom/YouFo
Photos By: Char Tupper


SCRAPE Signing:

MetalTitans got to embark on a two night touring experience with the one and only, “Enslaved”. The mighty Norsemen took us to join them and to share their world on and off stage. To capture and see their rituals before going on stage, laughing amongst themselves with jokes, laughter, and even some “modeling” if I do dare say, it was definitely a fun couple of nights both hanging out with them, but also watching two amazing shows back to back, if “regular work” would have permitted, safe to say, I would have followed for the rest of the tour.  

Venue: Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver, BC
Date: March 10, 2015
Hosted by: Live Nation British Columbia

First up tonight is a local band by the name of Anciients, if you like metal, rock or progressive, these guys were for you. Unfortunately, when I stepped through the doors of the Rickshaw, and even with the doors closed to the show, it was exceptionally loud, so I listened in the foyer, they sounded great, and I am sure the crowd would have enjoyed their set.

Next up is ECSTATIC VISION, a kind of heavy psych quartet out of Philadelphia, PA. This was really out of the ordinary for me, and it took a bit to be able to finally just sit back and relax and give them a good listen. They did play an excellent set, although the stage was dark and it made it hard to see the musicians, but I came around, and really enjoyed their unique sound, which was possible with the use of many different instruments. Maybe it did take me some time, as I am more a metal/rock fan, but I really did enjoy Ecstatic Vision, they demand the attention of mind, body, and soul.

YOB, now the only experience I have had with this band, is doing the CD review for them. For some it takes some getting use to, especially if you are the normal metal head. Their style is more along the lines of psychedelic rock, stoner rock, stoner metal, blues metal. I have never been that kind of fan to appreciate this kind of music, but don’t get me wrong, just because I am not a fan of the music, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the work, and effort or the talent these musicians have. The floor was pretty full for their set, people just chilling, relaxing and taking it all in, and moving, but not the mosh pit moves, just the kind of move where you close your eyes, relax and just take it all in.

Next, now the people that know me, you know who it is that I came to see. That’s right, the almighty ENSLAVED. The band formed in July 1991 with Ivar Bjørnson (guitar/backing vocals) and Grutle Kjellson (lead vocals/bass) when they were 13 and 17 years old, respectively. The band name was inspired by an Immortal demo track, "Enslaved in Rot”.  2004 saw the line-up become solid with lead guitarist Arve "Ice Dale" Isdal, drummer Cato Bekkevold (drums), and keyboardist/vocalist Herbrand Larsen. Enslaved has never faltered, and continues to be one of the most dependable components in extreme metal with an indestructible determination. They have a total of 13 albums released to date, with the latest being “In Times” which hit the shelves here in North America March 10th, got my copy, you ?

Last time Enslaved hit Vancouver was Feb.12 2013 at the Rickshaw Theatre, same theatre 2 years apart and they still have one of the most spellbinding live acts in metal, giving justice to their unique signature sound.  Like in 2013 , 2015 saw me on the front line to witness this Norwegian act full force. I am never disappointed, they played a variety of great songs from their many albums, including: Thurisaz (IN TIMES) - Ruun (RUNN) - Death in the Eyes of Dawn (RIITIIR) - Building with Fire (IN TIMES) - Ethica Odini (AXIOMA ETHICA ODINI) - The Watcher (VERTEBRAE) - In Times (IN TIMES) - Convoys to Nothingness (MONUMENSION) - And just when you get disappointed because you think it’s over, they step back on stage to do three more: As Fire Swept Clean the Earth (BELOW THE LIGHTS) - also for the first time in North America, Fenris (FROST) -and finished with Isa (ISA). Aren’t you kicking yourself now that you were not there?

I hope you didn’t miss this high energy, all enthralling show, because if you did, you’re crazy, this was a show NOT to be missed. Such professionalism, such intensity, and over the top talent to be seen here on stage with Enslaved. For me, one show is never enough, always there will be multiple shows when they hit the West Coast. You all know the feeling, when there is that one band that just kills it for you, and it ends, it is never long enough, they never play enough of your favourite songs, but you just have to think, you got the chance to witness, enjoy to the unparalleled talent of the band, and know that at some point they will be back to do it all over again, and you will be there .

Venue: El Corazon, Seattle, WA
Date: March 11, 2015

Seattle shows always add a local band, tonight’s was BELL WITCH, all out doom with members Dylan Desmond (bass/vocals), and Adrian Guerra (drums/vocals), this band is all out Doom, no added genre, I am sorry, but I found this a little hard to enjoy, as it was definitely slower paced, and not too much variety in the songs. I think maybe if there was another guitarist, or some changes in the tempo, for me, I might have enjoyed it. But I did see a few of their fans there supporting.

ECSTATIC VISION, I seemed to enjoy a lot more in Seattle, maybe I was just actually taking the time to listen and get the feel for their music. They did an excellent job, and the floor was pretty full for them too. Great job Ecstatic Vision.

YOB, again, I took the time to just sit back, and listen, yes, the floor filled more when they hit the stage, and you could tell people were really getting into their music. I am not always the best judge when reviewing, but I do give them credit, for performing well, and enjoying what they were giving out to the crowd.

Woohoo!! It’s that time again …. ENSLAVED. The last time they came to Seattle, WA was Feb. 11 2013 and they played The Highline, which maybe a smaller venue, but it had better lighting, and a more intimate feel to it. Enslaved is just one of those bands though that no matter where they play, I am going to enjoy. The crowd was not a very responsive one though, but Enslaved gave it their all, and did a phenomenal job of it. Giving out so much energy, and doing what they always do - their best. Excellent job. They had some tech issues I was told, but I personally didn’t hear it, they cranked out their songs, and you just can’t help but become enthralled, wanting more. I have to say this though, moshers what are you doing, you are missing the best band to hit your city. I had the perfect spot to witness the excellence of this band. I am always amazed and appreciative of the talent and creativeness behind Enslaved. There were some in the crowd that this was the first time, and they were totally blown away. I can understand that. Enslaved has evolved over the years, and with each album, and show, you really come to recognize the thoughts and skill, the talent that goes into their music. Absolutely amazing show.  Thank you for coming to North America, doing such a spectacular show.  And there is one word for some special friends that truly describes the night - Road House ;)

(Conducted by: Char Tupper)