JULY 12th, 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here with  Nico Elgstrand of the Death Metal band, ENTOMBED A.D from Sweden. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. Being in a band is tough job these days, have you ever once considered doing anything else, and if so what might that be?

Haha yeah, it's tough alright. I don't think there is anyone, regardless of profession, that hasn't considered doing something else at one point or another. Personally I've considered astronaut, eccentric billionaire, movie superstar, president and dictator over a continent. Turns out that compared to playing music, these professions are fairly hard to get, and none of them allow you to drink beer on the job-- so all in all, I'm content with what we do.

2.  You have a new album coming out soon, ‘Back to The Front’. It was delayed due to a legal battle, must be great to realize that it’s about to be released upon the world?

Very much so, it feels like we've been underwater with no air for a year, so to finally be able to breath is very satisfying!

3.  What can people expect to hear on this album?
Proper metal wrapped in barbwire, marinated in 99 proof alcohol and herbs, and then flamed in hellfire!

4.  I have listened and really enjoyed ‘Back To The Front’, and it would be hard to pick just one song as a favourite, but for you, while recording them, do you have a favourite song on this album?

I sincerely love the fact that I also have a hard time picking a favorite. When we recorded them, they were all about the same amount of pain in the ass haha, so that isn't much help. When we've played them live for awhile, I'm sure I could pick one, but right now I like them all!

5.  Who wrote the lyrics? I read that your album is kind of a theme, about being at war, in different ways, the struggles and shortcomings of mankind-- what made you choose this as your topic to write about?

Everybody in the band contributed with lyrics.
I would say that it wasn't a conscious decision to write on a theme, it just happened that way. I guess the fact that we had a bit of an internal dispute at the time pissed us off even more and made us think slightly less of flowers and peace.

6.  What made you choose to have this album produced by Roberto Laghi (In Flames, Hardcore Superstar) at Studio Bohus(Abba, Europe) in Kungälv?

We had a bunch of prospects, but when we met Roberto he felt like the man-- turns out he was too. We're very happy with the result, always nice to work with real pros. Shout out also to Michael Ilbert, who mixed the album-- extremely good at what he does. Kungälv is one of  the few real studios left in Sweden, and it was very nice to record in facilities that provide the proper tools. From rooms to mics to consoles to amps to pedals and so forth, they're sitting on everything. Heaven for a sound geek such as myself.

7. You have taken away some of the rock, and incorporated more metal-- why is that?

Because metal is sturdier/more reliable than rock. You can also melt it and create pretty much anything out of it. Whereas a rock is a rock is a rock. More commonly used in the old days. Stone Age, I think they called it!

8. The cover artwork is a stunning painting by Necropolitus Cracoviensis Zbgniew II (Watain, Vader, etc.)  -- did you give him the ideas to work with, or did he come up with the idea and you thought it was fitting?

We had a conversation about ideas with him, but it was mainly he that had the idea of what is the finished painting. The guy can paint!!! Again, love to work with pros.

9.  Can you tell us what exactly the image is? It looks to me, as if it’s a jumble of roots, as if it’s your mind, and you are trying to get out to survive.

I like that idea, I'm gonna go with your description. Not a big fan of explaining music, lyrics or pictures. It's in the eye of the beholder. Whatever you see, that's what it is/means!

10.  Your first video that you released is also the first song that you created, about a mental hospital and trying to get out before it’s too late. What makes this song not conform to the rules, unorthodox?

Bedlam Attack video:  http://youtu.be/xDdVPY4kPzU#sthash.BNQHORvc.dpuf

I wouldn't go as far as calling it a video haha-- more like a picture with music. It's an appetizer for the album, and I think it gives a nice hint of what to expect! I guess it has a sort of unorthodox arrangement, which is always nice in today's somewhat streamlined music climate!

11. Tell us how each of the members came to be in ENTOMBED A.D. :

Everybody who is or was in Entombed had undergone the same process.
First you have to apply in person to the Man downstairs. If approved, you will undergo a very intense training program led by him personally. If you pass, you will be sent out in the northern wilderness in Sweden with a bucket of blood, a selection of metal music on a Walkman and a small knife with a dull blade for a month. If you survive, you get to audition, and if you survive the audition, you're in the band. Many brave young (and old) men have tried but are still lost in them woods. Or in coffins in our rehearsal space. We (in the band) have obviously made it through that process and are very proud of it too-- at least I am.

12. You will be heading out in a couple of months for some major festivals: Bloodstock Open Air (Aug 7-10), Party Sans(Aug 7-9) and Motocultor (Aug 15-17). Are you looking forward to one more than the others?  

We haven't played live for more than a year, so as far as I'm concerned, I look forward to playing anywhere. It's gonna be great to play all of them!
13. I am curious as to how you get on the roster for these festivals. Do you have to apply, or do they come to you?

They come to us mainly! So far haha

14.  After these festivals will you be doing your own tour in support of your new album ‘Back to the Front’?

Sure thing, the tour starts in mid-September and lasts through the end of October through Europe.

15. I haven’t had the good fortune to witness you guys on stage, is there any chance of a North American tour in the future ?

No set dates for the states yet, it is still in the making, but we're definitely coming over the pond ASAP! ‘Til then, keep it unreal!

Thank you (Tack) so much  for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans.