JULY 25th 2017



Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment Worldwide, hey, have you heard that ENTRAILS is about to release their new album "World Inferno" worldwide through Metal Blade Records. We have the distinct honour of interviewing the band.

1. How did you come to name the album "World Inferno"?

We had several options but ‘World Inferno’ was perfect for the cover that was made for this album.

2. You started your recording back in December of 2016, and now it is about to be released - tell us what we can expect to hear?

Entrails-style Swedish death metal filled with a lot of groove and heavy songs, along with some speed and bulldozer death. The usual stuff that we do.

3. Did you have any real issues while trying to record it, or did it go pretty smooth?

Not really. Maybe the drum recordings took a while longer than before - with new guy behind the drums, he was not pleased with his drumming, so many takes were needed.

4. Before you get ready to record, do each of the musicians create their own riffs, drum blasts, bass riffs, or does one person put it all together?

Nope. I do all the riffing and also set up the drumming, plus create demos in my studio. The only thing the others do is write lyrics, plus sometimes suggest small changes that can be done to make a better flow in the song, etc.

5. You have 10 songs on the album, how did you come to pick these ones?

Voting was the thing this time. More songs were recorded but we decided to only have those ten on the album.

6. Do you have a favourite among them?

To me, all songs are favorites. Impossible to pick one out. When I do music, all songs have their place in my soul, and I wouldn’t ever think about doing a song that I don’t like.

7. When putting the album together, does the whole band have some input into it?

Yeah of course. We have an open discussion too as we think that’s the best. Maybe I have a bit more to do about the decision of layouts and the look of the cover though...

8. Who designed the artwork?

Our Swedish friend Daniel Devilish made this. And he has done all our covers besides the first one - though he made the re-issued cover for it last year.

9. Where did the inspiration come from?

I told the artist to make a surrealistic universe where dead zombies are just killing it all. To me, that’s the most optimal death.

10. In 2016 you replaced your vocalist/bass player and drummer - how did you find the replacements Tommy Carlsson and Martin Michaelsson? Were you friends before, or?

Martin was a stand-in for Adde on some shows in 2015, and when I came to a crossroad, I made the decision to work harder with the band. Jocke and Adde had so many bands and couldn’t be available very often with Entrails, so I contacted Martin again and he brought Tommy to the band, and after one rehearsal and some talk, we agreed to continue as a band and do more than before with the band.

11. You have played such festivals as Hellfest, Dokkem and Coast Rock Open Air - do you enjoy playing the festival scene over the smaller venues? If so, why? I know our photographer loves the open-air shows, much better lighting. :)

Both yes and no. It depends on the venue and crowd if it’s a success or not. A big festival with less people watching can be a bit boring; a small venue with a full house and crazy people banging their heads can be extremely fun. And then there’s opposite way of course.

12. Once the album is released, do you plan on touring to support it?  Do you plan on visiting North America with this maybe?

Nothing is planned really. We are working on some weekenders along with our new booker, to have something done in the autumn…We left our previous booker last year, and then it took a while to find a new one - and while that was all happening, festivals were sort of already fully booked…So there might be a chance for 2018 instead. And perhaps a new trip to the USA if things fall into place.

13. Tell us something about ENTRAILS that we might not know

Impossible to come up with something interesting. We have our own guitar pick - Who knew that? :)

14. Tell us a band that you listen to, that isn’t in your genre, but it is a must listen.

I like to listen to the 80´s bands I worshipped before I fell into death metal. And classic bands like Helloween, Maiden, old Metallica and Slayer are very often in my player.

15. Do you think music should be put into different genres, or should it just be, if you like it then you like it, you don’t – you don’t?

Absolutely. It’s easier to find the music you like if it’s included/labeled in a certain genre.

16. What is the best thing for you about being in ENTRAILS?

To have the music you like recorded and released - should nail that one.

17. Is there anything you would like to add here that I might have missed asking?

Nah, I think you got it all this time. But follow us at: www.facebook.com/entrails666 - that is a good idea!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. We at Metaltitans wish you much success with your release “World Inferno”.

ENTRAILS “Soul Collector” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AmaxCeYVVk&sns=fb