AUGUST 30th 2018


Photo Credit: Lauri Hamalainen


Welcome to Metal Titans, Guardians of Music Entertainment Worldwide, today we have the honour of speaking to Euge Valovirta, who is recognized as one of the most talented guitarists of his generation in the heavy metal heaven that is Finland. Currently playing in Swedish metal band, Cyhra, but also played with past bands like Godsplague and The Shining. Euge has been playing guitar since he was 13 years old, and since has grown quite the reputation as a phenomenal guitar player. Don't take our word for it, let's find out a little more from the man himself.

Interview by: Metal Mom (Rita)

Metal Titans: For me, I first saw you play with Cyhra in Vancouver, BC on February 14th at the Vogue Theatre, and now I find out that you also have released your own solo album called "Easy Does It". What made you decide to create your own project ?

Euge Valovirta: That was something I’ve had in mind for a long time and I guess that every self respecting guitarist should have one :-).

MT:  How did you come up with the name "Easy Does It”?

EV: It’s related to my sobriety and also kinda my general way of living. Taking it easy :-)

MT: How long has this album been in the works?

EV: The drums were recorded in late 2015 if I remember correct and guitars, bass & vocals during 2016 / early 2017 and then we had a little break since I wrote (with Niklas Kvarforth) & recorded the latest Shining album "X - Varg Utan Flock” and after the recordings we did a US tour with the band. After that I quit in Shining, joined Cyhra and we recorded our debut album “Letters To Myself” and toured for that album. So now I finally had the time to finalize & release the album.

MT: I imagine you have done all the guitar riffs for it?

EV: Yes.

MT: I have to ask you, how do you come up with original riffs, something that is just your own?

EV: I just noodle with guitar and if something cool, that I like, comes up then I record the riff / riffs and sometimes they turn out to be songs :-)

MT: Have you ever had someone say to you, oh that is my riff?

EV: No but I’ve sometimes I’ve realised that myself :-). Like “Oh damn this is that and that riff so I can’t use it”.

MT: Tell us how drummer Rainer Tuomikanto (ex-Shining) came to be in the band?

EV: He’s my good friend and when I played some my demos to him he just announced to me that by the way “You should do a solo album and I will play drums”.

OK, that’s a deal then :-)

MT: Your bass player is Lauri Hämäläinen, how did it come about you chose this bass player? 

EV: He’s also my good friend and a great bass player, producer & engineer so he ended up recording, producing & mixing the album. And he also took the promo pictures and designed the single & album covers and my logo: Jack Of All Trades so to say :-)

MT:  Did you do all the work, like the guitar riffs, bass riffs, the drum beats on your own, or did they create their own sounds?

EV: I did the demos on my own so I wrote & played all guitars & bass and programmed the drums with Addictive Drums on them and then Rainer & Lauri came up with their parts, partly based on my demo recordings, when we actually recorded the songs in the studio.

MT: Is there anyone that inspired you to create your own solo album?

EV: Slash’s first solo album was one of the albums that inspired me since he had also various vocalists on his first solo album. And he is one of my all time favourite guitarists among others.

MT: Of the 10 songs on the album, do you personally have one that is your favourite, and if so why that one?

EV: They’re all my babies so I can’t really pick just one.

MT: Tell us, what we can expect from your album?

EV: Good songs, good guitar playing and good musicianship & production in general. At least IMO :-)

MT: Did it take a long time from writing to putting it together for recording?

EV: Oh yes :-). The first songs were written several years ago and as I told earlier the recordings were done between 2015 - 17 and mixed in early 2018.

MT: Was it an easy process to record? Any struggles along the way?

EV: It was quite easy. I mean this is not rocket science but quite straightforward rock / country / metal music :-)

MT: What do you hope the reaction will be when people hear it?

EV: I hope that people will like the album & enjoy listening to it and hopefully they’ll be interested in what I’ve done previously with the bands I’ve played in and what I’ll do in the future.

MT: Do you remember your first guitar?

EV: Sure. It was a Landola (Finnish brand) nylon string.

MT: Who bought it for you?

EV: My parents.

MT: You are sponsored by ESP, how did that come about?

EV: I have had a long relationship with this Finnish music shop & instrument importer called Musamaailma ( and the owner Kai Saarikko introduced me to the ESP people and and luckily they were into that.

MT: You have your own signature guitar, did you have a lot of input into it, and what makes it different from other guitars?

EV: I have four of those at the moment and they’ve all made according to my specs which I requested so I had a lot of input indeed. It has a bit more thicker neck & body than standard ESP Eclipses but other than that it’s pretty basic Les Paul - type of guitar.

MT: Watching the Cyhra live at Hansen Studios (excellent episodes by the way), you mentioned that you use Metallica to warm up, why choose them over so many?

EV: Great riffs and great for warming up your picking hand with those fast down picked palm muting riffs. I love Metallica and James Hetfield is one of my favourite guitarists of all time.

MT: Was Metallica the first band that inspired you to go into music?

EV: Not maybe the first ones into music in general but for playing guitar for sure. Especially Hetfield.

MT: Have you been to one of their concerts?

EV: Many many times. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve seen them.

MT: Obviously, this is your dream, have you ever regretted it?

Yes it is and no I haven’t regretted any of it :-).

MT: I know you are working on the next Cyhra album, but after that what is next for you?

EV: We do some shows with Cyhra this year and when the album is out we do a lot more shows :-) 

MT: What is your choice of music when you are in the car, or just enjoying?

EV: I prefer silence when I’m driving but if I listen to something it’s usually something smooth & easy like Eagles.

MT: Do you have a band that some people might be really surprised that you listen to? 

EV: I listen to all kind of music from hip hop to country to extreme metal so I guess there’s lot of bands & artists that people would find surprising. When I flew to Denmark for Cyhra’s album recordings I listened to 2Pac in the plane so that might surprise some people I guess.

MT:  What is your favourite food while on tour?

EV: I try to eat always as healthy as possible so there’s no difference whether I’m on tour or not. So something healthy I’d say :-)

MT: Now for something silly, what would be the best Christmas present ever for yourself?

EV: Wow that was tough one. I enjoy giving presents to my loved ones much more than getting them but my wife always has really nice presents for me. And sometimes they’re also quite surprising :-)

MT: (Kiitos) Thank you so much Euge for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with us here at Metal Titans, we greatly appreciate it.

EV: Thank you! It was a pleasure and I’m glad that you’re interested in doing this and spreading the word of myself solo album and of Cyhra.


 Check out Euge Valovirta below: