FEBRUARY 25th 2015
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper


Venue: The Rickshaw Theatre
Doors: 8pm
Presented by: Union Events

Robb Flynn (Lead Vocals, Guitar)
Dave McClain (Drums)
Phil Demmel (Lead Guitar)
Jared MacEachern (Bass/Vocals)

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Genre: Metal

You will have to excuse me on this review, I am actually at a loss for words, but I will try my best to give you my thoughts, and let you know how unbelievably amazing this show was.

First I have to say is that a lot of the times I know some of the guys, have seen them numerous times, and enjoy the music, so it makes for a great night, but I don’t personally know any of the Machine Head guys, and have only seen them once. No biases here, I walked away from this show impressed and happy I made the trip downtown this evening.

It is not often, if ever, that you get a full evening of just one band,  a whole night full of metal, in fact 2 and a half hours worth. How many songs you ask, I am not sure, maybe 20 or more, but who’s counting. There is nothing better than one band filling your night with such superb sound. Wish more would have this approach.

Machine Head is an American metal band that formed back in 1991 from Oakland, California, and is known as one of the pioneering bands in the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. More or less crossing different genres like thrash, groove and heavy metal.  I for one am not even bothering with a “genre label,” because Machine annihilates, no matter what genre.

This show was by far one of the top ones for 2015, hands down. I’ve been writing reviews for MetalTitans for 4 years now, and to be utterly “speechless” about a show, that really says a lot considering how many concerts per year I cover.  In fact I have only seen Machine Head once before, and then they were to come back fall of 2014, but cancelled due to putting the finishing touches on their latest album “Bloodstone and Diamonds”. Now they have more than made up for it. If I could have, I definitely would’ve  gone to more of their shows on this tour. Originally attending this show, I thought 2 and a half hours would have been way too long , I couldn’t have been more wrong! The guys could have continued playing for another hour if they so desired. Never have I felt over 2 hours of my life flash by so quickly.

Where do I start, the production value of their set was beyond amazing, lets just say that if you said “oh, who is playing tonight?” with all the Machine Head logos and flags everywhere…you shouldn‘t have been at the show. The band gave 150%, over the top talent here. To tell you the truth, I expected to see some pretty tired guys up there after an hour of playing, but through strength and adrenaline, the band performed to perfection, not missing a single beat their entire set. For me, it was the variety, some slower, more mellow songs had fans with their hands raised high in the air but swaying back and forth, reminders of an older era. Then it would speed up and the horns were raised high, and so enthusiastic. I was so blown away by the fans here tonight as well, never, ever have I seen such devotion to a band, especially in Vancouver. Most of the night, the fans were singing along, loud and clear to pretty much the entire set. On most occasions, you usually find people sing to the “hit songs” , but not for these guys, all the songs were as if “#1 hits.” I just can’t get over it. I know I am going to be remembering this show for a very long time. Rob explaining why they did what they did this time around, and looking around the room, people were listening. Machine Head carries out what they do because they think it’s what’s best for the band. Well, they nailed it. I hope when they return, it’s another full night of just them.

I know that I will be heading out now to the record store to pick up Bloodstone & Diamonds, it was released in 2014 by Nuclear Blast. The record was produced by Robb Flynn himself and Juan Urteaga (TESTAMENT, VILE), and was masterfully mixed by Colin Richardson (FEAR FACTORY, SLIPKNOT, BEHEMOTH, DEVILDRIVER).


Now, if this review and Rob Flynn's "frozen awesome face" isn't enough to convince you,simply go see an evening of Machine Head, you are going to be thinking, “what did I just see and hear?”Exemplary, amazing, incredible.. ok, I think you get the point, just go buy a ticket and support !