OCTOBER 31st 2015

We had the pleasure to talk to Every Hour Kills guitarist Sacha Lasko.

1: Can you tell us about the band and how you guys formed?

We met in jail, we REALLY love farm animals.

2: When it comes to music what draws your inspiration to writing songs?

Love, life, the American dream.

3: You currently have a EP named Every Hour Kills and wanted to know when how fans reacted to the release and when do we expect a full album release?

They seemed to like it! Except when they didn't. Albums are dead, long live the single.

4: Will the new album come out through your own label? Will you be doing the hard work for this album, or leaving that to the major label?

It's out, we released it independently, and we do all the work.

5: I would like to talk about your video release of "Almost Human" and the concept behind it

The lyrics and the concept tie together metaphorically, it’s basically about addiction and other struggles and how sometimes you can feel like you’re alone and not really human when you’re faced with those demons. The Director Doug Cook filtered that concept through the lens of technology, putting us in an isolated room with nothing but robotic cameras to capture the performance.

6: I love the art work for the single "Almost Human" was that done by a local artist?

It's an awesome designer I found on the internets, Kyle at Galleon Creative. He did the art for the Chosen and SaviourS singles as well.

7: Can you describe the music scene in your home town of Calgary?

Calgary is a strange place, a potent blend of business, snobbery and farm animal love. The music scene is OK, there are some really talented bands, it's small in stature but we have phun.

8: Who were your favorite musicians or bands when you were growing up?

I come from a blend of Death Metal, Progressive and Shred all put in a blender. Some of my favs growing up were Dream Theater, Cynic and Meshuggah.

9: Was there a concert that you went to in high school that you could revisit and experience again and if so why?

My first concert was Glass Tiger, I don't really remember much of High School, thanks Drugs!

10: What’s the best thing that the rock and roll life has afforded you that never would have happened if you weren’t in a band?

I don't really live a rock and roll life to be honest, I drive a sensible car and go to work at an office every day. I love making music and playing and creating I don't really give a shit about the other stuff. Although coke and whores are OK. It is cool knowing something you created had a positive influence on someone's life, and it's always interesting meeting other musicians and getting their perspectives on things.

11: Which artist’s career path do you most admire? Is this something you try to follow?

It's been amazing watching guys I discovered on internet forums become huge forces in the Metal scene. I have tons of respect for artists like Misha / Bulb from Periphery, Acle from Tesseract, Keith Merrow and Ola Englund etc. etc.

12: If the band had a mission statement what would that be?

Every Hour Kills mission is to be our customers' favorite place and way to eat and drink. Our worldwide operations are aligned around a global strategy called the Plan to Win, which center on an exceptional customer experience – People, Products, Place, Price and Promotion.

13: Are there plans for a North American or Europe tour for 2016?

No there sure aren't!