MARCH 23rd, 2018



Welcome to Metaltitans, we are here speaking with Jeff Blanchard from Doom Metallers out of Brooklyn, NY - ‘EYES OF THE SUN’. Who on March 16th will release their debut album "Chapter 1" via Blacklight Media Records.

Interview By: Metal Mom

1. In 2007 you decided to put this band together, what made you decide that it was a good time to do that?

I was in a band called Red Shift Desert before Eyes of the Sun, when that band broke up Miguel and I talked about starting a new project. Miguel is also in a very different band called Ashes Within and we wanted to do something different together.

2. A couple of months later you had long time friend guitarist Miguel De Jesus Jr join, had you previously done music together, or this was a whole new adventure?

This was a whole new thing, we used to drink together and talk music and that's kind of where it began.

3. How did you come to have Chris O'Neil join as drummer?

Chris was in a band called Demilitia and we did a few shows and went on the road with them and when original drummer Angel Cotte was leaving, Chris also happened to be leaving Demilitia and looking to do something different and he was a perfect fit. But we call him Dr. Thunder!

4. You have been around now for 10+ years, and obviously you are doing something right, what do you think is your success so far?

All of us have been in different bands and we all we all know the ups and downs of being in bands, but we really just click, and we are friends we don't just play together but hang out together as well. Having people you vibe with is really the key.

5. This is your debut album .. why did it take so long from 2007 to know to put an album together?

We actually put out a self-titled album in 2010, right after we finished that album we lost our second guitar player who had a big hand in writing those songs. We never did anything with it, it was kind of a bad break up and we never really found someone that clicked so we kept it a 3 piece. In 2013 we recorded Chapter I, we got the mixes 2 days before hurricane Sandy hit. The studio we recorded in and all of our gear got destroyed. After hurricane sandy it kind of took the winds out of our sails and we never really pushed it, even though we felt like it was a really strong album.

6. How did you come up with the band name "Eyes of the Sun"?

"It's known throughout the laws of science and nature that the sun creates and sustains life…now it bears witness to the atrocities, depletion and vile consumption manifested by mankind which it originally gave life to. Hence, we portray what is seen through the Eyes Of The Sun.”

7. Who creates your lyrics and where does the inspiration come from? It seems like you have drawn from life experiences to write.

I write all the lyrics on Chapter I. The inspiration definitely comes from life experiences and the destruction of the planet and the world around us.

8. Love the name of the album ‘Chapter 1’, because it is exactly what it is for you, the first chapter of your music, am I right in assuming this, or is there a whole different reason?

It's the first chapter in the music that has become Eyes of the Sun over the years. We've done a lot, but this is what the music has evolved to.

9. Of the songs on the album, do you have a favourite, and why that one?

I do, mine is End of Origin, because it very personal to me, but the rest of the band would disagree. They both really like Sound the Horns.

10. Was it an easy process from writing to finally getting it all down on CD?

I wouldn't say easy, but it was fun.

11. This album was originally self-released back in 2013, for the release in March, did you make any changes?

No, we didn't make any changes we are releasing it as is.

12. How did you decide on your first video release My Video:

We can all agree that this is one of our favorite songs on the album.

13. Will you be doing a tour after the release?

Nothing is set in stone we are discussing it now.

14. How do you feel about the whole album?

I like it, we are all pretty happy with it, there are always things you wish you could change but it gives us push for the next album.

15. Tell us something that we might not know about “Eyes of the Sun”.

Both Dr. Thunder and Miguel are vegan, and I was for many years.

16. Is there anything you want to add to this interview that I might have missed asking?

No, we are really excited to be on Blacklight media and working with the Metal Blade family and excited to start the next Chapter

We at Metaltitans wish you great success with your debut “Chapter 1”, and thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.