FEBRUARY 19th 2016

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper

PHOTO GALLERY: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/fleshgod-apocalypse-guests/

Luckily I was off that day, and headed down to Seattle early to make sure I didn't miss a second of this line-up. The only complaint I have, is it said 6:30pm for doors, and well they didn’t open until 7:30pm which would have been fine, you know you get to talking with other metal heads, but damn, it was so cold, I could not feel my toes or fingers by the time doors opened. First time ever I was rushing into a venue to get warm.

First I would like to say too, that the venue was packed, there was 500+ at this show, and I personally can’t remember a time it had this many in attendance. You know when it’s crowded like this, that the band line-up kicks ass. Plus I really like Studio 7 for the friendly staff and atmosphere, and lighting.

First up on tour is ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, an American black metal band, originally from Arizona, but now based out of Olympia, Washington. Since they first formed, the band has gone through many changes, even disbanded for awhile, and Ken (vocalist), is now the only original member. For a band that has gone through so much, they did a great job of their set. The fans were enthused and looking around the room, were enjoying what they were hearing. Glad they didn’t call it quits, they have a sound that people enjoy.

Up next, is the band I came to see, CARACH ANGREN, and once you have seen them, you will know why,  Seregor, Ardek, Namtar are what you call horror black metal from the Netherlands. This time around though, was a new guitarist, his name is  Diogo Bastos. I liked the fact that Seregor was not playing the guitar, he had such a presence, more energy to move around the stage. It is a little creepy if they look directly at you, as their eyes are big, especially with the paint they have on their faces, but I would not change it, just makes them look so much more epic on stage. CARACH ANGREN unleashed the demons and are bound to cast a spell on you and will continue to haunt you for a long time to come. That’s okay, by the looks of the crowd, they were eager to be cast into darkness, willing to be haunted in this realm, so was I. Carach Angren, stole the show, without a doubt. Lets all hope they return soon to continue the horror and gather more fans. Absolutely astonishing.

FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, who now have their 4th studio album “King” out worldwide is the headliner. Members of Fleshgod, Tommaso Riccardi, Paolo Rossi, Cristiano Trionfera, Francesco Paoli, and Francesco Ferrini, and let us not forget who adds some wonderful atmosphere to this band, her name, Veronica Bordacchini, who sings operatic vocals, and together they held nothing back, they gave Seattle their own unique blend of technical death metal with a symphonic elements that have quickly made them a favorite with fans and critics alike. If you look up Fleshgod, they are called Italian death metal, Italian yes, but they are so much more than death metal, and if you were there Friday night, you would have enjoyed a full set of their music, a variety of old to new. It truly is an amazing experience to watch and listen to them, you are almost awe-struck. It is always great to have a band that has created something so different, but still has that pull, draws you in. An amazing performance by all. I hope they return soon.