JUNE 8th 2016

Review by YouFO

Label: AFM Records

Eric “AK” Knutson - vocals
Steve Conley - guitars
Michael Gilbert - guitars
Michael Spencer - bass
Jason Bittner - drums

Arizona band Flotsam and Jetsam are a band with a legacy that goes back over 30 years.  Originally signed to Metal Blade in the mid 80’s, the band released their highly acclaimed debut “Doomsday for The Deceiver” in July of 1986. Since then have released many albums, and have had many line-up changes.
In theory, the band FLOTSAM AND JETSAM started in January 2015 when Eric AK, Mike Gilbert, Michael Spencer, Steve Conley and Jason Bittner got in a room to start rehearsing for upcoming 2015 European tour dates, and to commence writing for the band’s next record.  .  Soon the band focused on it’s writing and started pre-production for the new songs that were taking shape.  After a 5 month initial writing process, the band completed 18 rough ideas to start having Bittner track drums to.  At first the band thought about a double release, but realized it would be better to concentrate on an album’s worth of killer material by what essentially is a new band with a 30-year history.

After picking the final songs, the band compiled some demos to gain interest from labels and producers.  Shortly following summer festivals, a short US tour, and another fall European headline tour, the band secured Chris Collier (Prong/KXM) to produce the band’s “return to form”, as well as AFM records to provide the much needed label support that the metal veterans required.

Track Listings:
01. Seventh Seal
02. Life Is A Mess
03. Taser
04. Iron Maiden
05. Verge Of Tragedy
06. Creeper
07. L.O.T.D.
08. The Incantation
09. Monkey Wrench
10. Time To Go
11. Smoking Gun
12. Forbidden Territories

Well some say thrash is thrash, but I beg to differ, there are so many different elements to be heard, and different ways to produce it. I do like my thrash, and it seems Flotsam and Jetsam have established themselves once again in this genre. It takes a lot to be changing members and then to come together and give this pillar to the fans. I enjoyed, it is not the old sound, yes, you can hear a little, but it is different, and so it should be, how boring would that be to hear the same thing over and over. They have built on a foundation. Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed, but listen with an open ear.