DECEMBER 14th 2016

Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper

Well I counted down the days once I realized this tour was coming to Vancouver, and to the Commodore Ballroom, a great place to showcase some amazing bands. A little cool, but well worth the time spent in line.

Up first tonight is ‘SOURCE’, I am going to say right up front, I have never heard of this band, so was interested to see and hear what they brought to the table. There are only 3 band members and they did a fine job of their set. They’re more or less a progressive metal band that formed in 2013 from Colorado.  The crowd seemed to enjoy, there was some moshing happening, and the floor was full for them. I, myself was not a big fan, just not my style of music, but hey, don’t get me wrong here, they executed their set well. They gave it their all for the people in the crowd. That is what it is all about.

Next is ‘HELLYEAH’, which I saw for the first time down at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, and I was hooked from the first note. We were lucky to have seen them on this tour, as on the way to Calgary, their tour bus had an electrical fire and are unable to perform in Spokane and Portland. The guys are okay, that’s important. Anyway, moving along to the review, these guys rocked it, the energy was unbelievable, great songs chosen for their set, and I had a great time up front seeing first hand everything they did, including the high jumps from Chad. These guys had the crowd going for their whole set. I was enjoying so much that before I knew it, it was over. Which really sucks when you are having such a good time. So, I wasn’t mistaken when I thought they were so good the first time, they really are. Vinnie blasted out those drum beats, giving us that headbanging beat, and the other guys just fit in, guitars were amazing, bass thundered along, hellyeah, this was an excellent set (and you can bet that pun was intended!).

Headliners tonight are the forefathers of melodic death metal, they are ‘IN FLAMES’. This to me is a show of mixed emotions, if you don’t know, Peter Iwers, after 20 years of performing and writing with In Flames, is leaving. There is also a replacement drummer now by the name of Joe Rickard who is taking over for Daniel Svensson. Yes, Joe did a great job, but when you have seen Daniel behind the kit each time, it is hard to get use to someone else there. Of course, seeing Peter play, it pulls at the old heart strings. I wish him all the success in his future choices, whether music or not.  I am sure he will be a success at it just like he was with In Flames.

Only if you live on another planet would you ‘not’ know about this band. They give 150% every night when they perform, just watch them and you know they enjoy every minute up there. Very talented group of musicians. They had the house rockin’ and moshing of course, but I managed to hang on to my favourite spot when they come to town, right up front. You know, it is very hard to tell you just how amazing they are, with all the variety of songs, from different albums, they had a grip on the fans, and didn’t let go until they were done. This is also one band that I will fight anyone that tries to take my spot or budge in. When they perform, I am in awe, there isn’t another band out there, that can make me feel so happy, so enthralled with watching them, I am still grinning when I think of their set, which they perform to perfection. I have never been disappointed with an In Flames show. An hour, no way was that long enough, it was gone in a flash. Leaving so many of us wanting more. This is what happens when the band is so well tuned, know their material and have fun on stage. I am really speechless, you just need to go and see them, whenever they come to town, as this tour only has 2 days left. Go next time, don’t even hesitate. They are amazing, incredible, impressive, spectacular, awe-inspiring, do I need to say more, I think you get it. They are freakin’ spectacular, and I will be right there again, right up front to catch it all. Thanks for making this show such a memorable one.