AUGUST 8th 2016

Review by: Ruben Mosqueda

‘Metalcore’ rose from the underground to near mainstream status in the 2000s. You might not have cared for the bastard child of ‘nu metal’ and ‘hardcore’ but it dominated the airwaves that once were the home of contemporary hard rock and melodic metal acts. Some ‘metalcore’ acts used melody along with clean vocals, catchy guitar riffs which essentially why the sub-genre became such a dominant force [in the beginning of the new millennium] and still is. Like with all genres of music one band gains some success albeit on smaller scale and all sorts of clone acts pop out of the woodwork. Such was the case with bands like; Killswitch Engage, Unearth, Demon Hunter do what they do at the highest level.  Game over, right?  Well, not necessarily.

Florida’s Forty Winters have a unique style that sets them apart from their ‘metalcore’ contemporaries. I can best describe Forty Winters’ sound as the merging of ‘deathcore’ and ‘thrash’ or what would happen if members of Autopsy and Hatebreed went into the studio and recorded an album. ‘Rotting Empire’ [their sophomore album] clocks in roughly under 30 minutes, it features 8 tracks [how’s that for oldschool?] which is perfect for this kind of intense, pummeling, explosive kind of music. Had ‘Rotting Empire’ been much longer in length; I believe the album would have been a victim of ‘filler.’ As is ‘Rotting Empire’ is magnificent example of using just the right amount of melody and rage; which results in the ‘perfect storm.’ No surprise as Forty Winters hail from hurricane country. Forty Winters is ‘Metal Titans approved.’