OCTOBER 12th 2015

Welcome to MetalTitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Philly Byrne, vocalist of Gama Bomb.

1. I saw on your facebook that you met Overkill's Bobbi, were you at one of their shows, or how did this come about?

We’re old friends. We’ve toured the US and Europe with Overkill, with many other facts available on Google.com.
2. You also advertised a very creative new t-shirt coming out this month, who was the artist who created it ?

So many metal bands settle for less when it comes to how they present themselves. They’re inconsistent, they’re boring, they slap a skull on anything and expect their fans to shovel it up.
We always pride ourselves on working with the best artists and designers – seeing people make your music into something visual is a bit like magic, you know? They scoop the image out of your head and make it real.
Right now we’re working with our longterm collaborator Scumbugg AKA, Matt Verges, on merch.

3. You are classified as Thrash, Razor Metal, New Wave Of Irish Ripping Metal, is this an easy genre to be recognized in ? I know thrash, but can you tell us what exactly Razor metal, and the new wave of Irish Ripping Metal is all about ?

Yeah, they just don’t exist. We basically made up those other genres as a complete piss-take. I’m a former music journalist myself, and I see a lot of the po-faced categorization of music that goes on as ridiculous.
It’s pretty easy to be the world’s best NWOIRM band when no others exist. Instantly you’re in the big leagues!
4. Now you have a new album about to be released Oct 30 through AFM Records, called "Untouchable Glory", tell us what we can expect to hear on this album ?

Untouchable Glory is the most different GAMA BOMB can sound without actually changing anything. It’s speed metal, infused with old school NWOBHM / hard rock attitude, with big operatic vocals. We tried our best to make it catchy, shamelessly hooky and fun.
Also, everyone shits themselves at some point and people should stop making such a big deal out of it. Y’know? I mean it’s just shit. In your pants.
5. The cover art was painted by Graham Humphreys, best known for his posters for 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' and 'The Evil Dead', tell us why you chose him for the artwork, when you cover is definitely not a horror related image.

The quality of Graham’s art speaks for itself: he’s, in our opinion, the greatest living movie poster artist aside from Drew Struzan – and Drew’s retired.
We’re so, so lucky that we happen to share a lot of Graham’s loves for camp, silly, horrible movies and we have managed to become firm friends. He takes pity on a clueless bunch of Irish messers, and makes our albums come alive. I defy any band to capture the spirit of old movies like Graham does. He’s a miracle worker. Also, we’ve done the horror thing to death. This time we’re coming out fighting. Fighting and sucking some wide, wide honeyed dicks.
6. How did the image for the cover come together ?

We basically posed for photos and sent them to Graham, who worked his magic on them. We’re all based on classic action hero stereotypes. It’s our version of The Dirty Dozen, or one of those 60s movies.

7. 12 songs on this album, do you personally have a favourite, and if so why that one .
My favourite track on the album is Ninja Untouchables / Untouchable Glory. It’s basically a pop song with metal riffs. I’m proud we were able to convincingly write a song like that. Watch out, Judas Priest!
…God I’m depressed.
8. You have said that this album combines martial arts, classic literature and alcohol and drug abuse, why did you decide to combine all these issues together ?

Long ago, I swore revenge for the murder of my parents at the hands of the samurai. Today is the day I take my revenge, dressed in full drag. Only when the shogun lies defeated in a pool of his own piss and tears, will I reveal these secrets on my deathbed.
9. Who writes the lyrics for the songs ?
I write the majority of the lyrics, with help from Joe and Domo. When Domo writes a song, I tend to not interfere. He’s an actual genius with lyrics. Joe is more like a mad hermit who issues strange, hilarious statements that I then work into lyrics.
10. Do you still follow these 3 strict rules that you started out with: 1. No clean guitars 2. No ballads 3. No synths allowed ?

Yes. I see the press release did not go unread.
11. Why were these rules something you decided to live by ?
 Too many first-wave thrash bands second-guessed themselves. They shot for money, credibility, relevance in a changing music market, and they fucked it up. We saw where their car shot off the cliff and imposed a speed limit on ourselves – maximum speed that is! God, I’m sick of myself.

12. Is horror, action/science fiction movies, cartoons and computer games something everyone in the band has grown up with so it is much easier to write about what you know ?

Of course. We’re from the eighties. We never left.
13. After the release of your new album, does it mean a tour is in order ?
Yes! We’re going back to South America and Europe. We’re hoping to cut our own faces off and throw them into the crowd as free gifts. One each!
14. Tell us something that we might not know about Gama Bomb.
We grow weary.
Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that I might have missed asking you ? Or you want people to know ?

Our measurements are 34-30-34. Our favourite Telly Tubby is Tinky Winky. We’ll shoot out of our graves one day.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us. We wish you much success with your new album "Untouchable Glory".  

Thanks, I’m going to eat some lunch and hug myself.