MAY 16th 2015

Review by: YouFO

Band Members:
Tony Anderson - vocals
Guy Loucks Jr - guitar
Joe " Chimp" Hujbar - guitar
Ed Webb - Bass/Vocals
Chris Maraman - Drums

From: Tampa. Florida
Genre: Death Metal

Release Date: February 10th 2015
Released by: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

CD and digital formats

Track Listing:
1. Monsters And Myths
2. Taste Of Death
3. Kill Your Parents
4. Fuck To Get High
5. Nazi In Blue
6. Hexx
7. Eye Of Malevolence

Generichrist has been around since 2003, formed by vocalist Tony Anderson (Doomstilla/Fleshreaper/Skintomb)and yet this is the first I have heard of them. Can’t go wrong with a death metal band out of Florida.

This album “Taste of Death” is a full length album, and although they say death metal, they are a little more than that, it’s also fast paced, thrash with a hint of punk. A conglomerate for all death metallers alike. The vocals range from shrieks to screams, to even some hardcore delivery. There is a guest appearance on this album as well, legendary horror idol Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2/Army of Darkness/The Devil’s Rejects).

A must have for all you death metal/thrash/punk fans.

Taste of Death video: