OCTOBER 20/21st 2015
Feature By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

SEATTLE: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/black-to-the-future-seattle/
PORTLAND: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/black-to-the-future-portland/

The "Black to the Future" tour started on Sept.22 in Washington, D.C and ends Nov.1 in Phoenix, AZ, and as soon as the tour was announced I knew I would have to go to more then one show. If I could have, I would have done even more, but the drive from Portland to San Francisco, is not an easy drive and I say this from experience.

First up is Seattle, a SOLD OUT show at El Corazon. This venue, by  far was way too small for a band of this stature. It was a shame to see them at such a small venue when all venues before and after are double, if not larger in size. This booking agent clearly wasn’t aware of well, numerous aspects of both the popularity of the band, and stage setup. That all being said, arrived early to the venue and saw the size of the line 2 hours before doors, wow! I don’t think I have seen a line that large at this venue…ever. It was nice to see the scene support Ghost, even if the venue wasn’t the greatest.

The doors finally opened, people rushed in, got their places, merch wasn’t set up yet, but they were working on it, because it had only just arrived, as well as the crew setting up. I couldn’t believe just how fast everything went up, including all the magnificent lighting that we would enjoy tonight. Big round of applause to all the crew, who worked so hard and diligently to make sure everything was in place, tuned and working. I have to say here though, I was NOT impressed with the venue, there were a lot of upset and hot people in the crowd wondering why such a delay. If El Corazon had just taken those couple of minutes to say, “Sorry, bus trouble, Ghost will be late. Thanks for your patience”, the crowd Im sure would have understood. We were all anxious for Ghost and The Nameless Ghouls to appear, but I can surely say, it was worth the wait.

Time for Seattle Mass….Lights dimmed, only to have bright lights facing us, fog rolling  in, excitement building, and then the familiar song “Spirit” started and you could see all the Ghouls on stage, then entered Papa III, the crowd was deafening. For once, because of this incredible lighting, you could actually see the Ghoul standing on the other side of that pole as well as clearly see the whole band. They had the crowd enthralled, held their attention, and had everyone singing along, even me. In all the years I have attended shows, I have not seen crowds react with such enthusiasm, the songs they played, phenomenal, and a great selection from their discography. The Ghouls interacted with the crowd, as much as they could, especially with full masks on. This band has charisma, Ghost have caught the attention of people wherever they play. You will understand that once you have witnessed a Ghost show. They have managed to have an outstanding stage presence as well as the right kind of music that keeps us wanting more. I have been impressed with some bands, but not like this. Papa III interacts with the crowd, although there was one guy (and yes, there is one at every show) that decided to try and pull Papa III into the crowd, why? Have no idea, but all Papa III said was “Don’t ever do that again”. I can understand people getting overly excited, but you have to respect the band. I new the set list ahead of time, and because the show started late, 2 songs got cut due to lack of time. You know what, I don’t think anyone noticed, they were just so beside themselves, so stimulated, so overwhelmed, I mean what else can you be when you are watching Ghost.

I do have a lot of respect also for the fact that Papa III introduced all the crew members, ALL of them, I have never seen that done before where they get introductions and told what they do. I do have to mention Mike here, the light tech because without him, in ‘this’ venue, everyone would have been pretty much in the dark, but he gave some magnificent lights so we got the full effect. Spectacular, and it made for an astonishing show.

Cirice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0Ao4t_fe0I&list=RD-0Ao4t_fe0I

Now, another 3 hour drive down to Portland Oregon to watch Ghost perform again in all their glory. This time the venue is much better, it was held at the Roseland Theatre, and the line-up to get in started early like the last show. Knowing this would happen, I got there early so I could gain my place in front. The front row got me a little more of an exclusive experience then normal.

First on stage tonight is Purson, the band that is opening for Ghost on this tour. I have never heard of this band, but their genre is described as big psych, facemelter, fuzz Wowowpopsong, and other, what does all that mean? Well, after listening to them for awhile, I am going to say, more of a hippie, 60-70’s style, they more or less looked the part as well. They played a great set, but I have passed that era now, so it really wasn’t what I enjoyed. On the other hand, I am not sure if I wasn’t too fussy about the style because I was waiting for Ghost. They seemed to have a few around me kind of banging their heads, but not a lot. Like I say, they did execute their music and style well.

YAHOOOO!!! Ghost is next. There isn’t enough words to describe seeing them again, incredible, sensational, miraculous, and so much more. I think you get the idea. This show was even more incredible, this set was different, I am ecstatic that I got to attend both shows. The Nameless Ghouls had an over abundance of energy here, and it transferred to the crowd. I seemed to have the energy, even at my age, but this band has it all, the music, the look, put it together and you have one hell of a show. This time around they even had 2 sisters, who came out on stage, then came down to the front row, and gave us wafers and a sip of the finest. This is a ritual called Eucharist, it was instituted by Jesus Christ during his Last Supper, giving his disciples bread/wine during the Passover meal. Jesus commanded his followers to "do this in memory of him," while referring to the bread as "my body" and the wine as "my blood.” I do this in memory of Papa III. Now that was beyond just “crowd interaction” to me, what an amazing idea. You know I just had to be a part of that, I am glad I was up front for this experience.

With such an over zealous crowd, I am pretty sure Papa III didn’t need to sing a word, everyone just sang along so well to all the songs, being so enthusiastic that the whole room was swaying, clapping hands, horns high, jumping, such enthusiasm. It was unbelievable to watch, and I have never had such an experience with a crowd. Actually what I also enjoyed the most, not being hit by moshers, so I was able to enjoy full force of what Ghost had to offer. They offered up their exceptional talent to each and every one of us.

Monstrance Clock:

What these 2 shows have done, is put Ghost and The Nameless Ghouls over the top, they are my absolute # 1 band. There is no comparison in any genre to equal. You have heard the expression: “You can’t always get everything you want” ….well, let’s say this “If you have Ghost, you have everything”.

The only thing I was disappointed in, was in Portland I discovered, there were Ghost M&G after the show, oh what I would’ve done to be apart of that. I didn’t know anything about it, I didn’t see anything on their pages about it. Darn. Would have made my 2 shows even that much more amazing and special.  

10/26 – The Mayan Theater – Los Angeles, Calif.
10/27 – Knitting Factory – Reno, Nev.
10/28 – The Depot – Salt Lake City, Utah
10/30 – Northside Park Theater – San Diego, Calif.
10/31 – House of Blues – Las Vegas, Nev.
11/01 – Monster Mash Festival – Phoenix, Ariz.

All I can say here, if you can’t get to a show, then please experience Ghost the next best way by buying their latest album, “Meliora”. It’s an album you won’t stop playing, and you will never get tired of.