NOVEMBER 19th 2016

Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper

Vancouver locals, JJ Caithcart and concert promoter of The Invisible Orange, Abelardo Mayoral-Fierros, came together and brought to The Venue in Vancouver, Ghost Ship Octavius, Felix Martin and opener Kris Schulz. I was anxious to attend, as once again, all these bands I haven’t seen live before.

Opener was the extraordinary Kris Schulz, I was hesitant when I saw that there was practically no crowd on the floor, and one man came out with an acoustic guitar. But there was no need to worry, after the first song, I was hooked, and watched and listened intently. Kris showed a lot of talent, and seemed to have all our attention while he played. I was amazed, and surprised that I stood right up front, and was not bored for one minute. A fantastic way to start off the night. I think it takes a whole lot of talent to be able to hold a crowd with just an acoustic guitar, and, no singing. You have got to check him out when you see his name on a bill. 

Next is Felix Martin, there was supposed to be three members on stage, but apparently as often the case, one (bass player) was stuck across the border. They did their best, I am not sure why there had to be a 16-string guitar, as I didn’t really pick up on any difference between that and a regular string. But, in all fairness, I don’t have the ear to pick the different sounds out. Just know what I like to hear. Drums were amazing, a few things happened with the drum kit, but with the expertise he continued like nothing was wrong, and it didn’t sound bad either. I am not sure if the bass would have added some more to their sound, but I love the bass and love what it brings to the bands. For me, this just wasn’t my style, that doesn’t mean they were not good though. Although I don’t know why Felix had to say, they drove 12 hours just to be here to perform, for us. All bands drive many miles to get here to perform because they want to. Anyway, just wasn’t my cup of tea, but I know people around me were enjoying. That is what matters.

Ghost Ship Octavius, the headliners for tonight, WOW!! Now this is a band that has it all together, and has some stage presence as well. Since it was the first time seeing them play live, I didn’t listen to any of their music preshow, I didn’t want any preconceived notion on what they sound like, we all know that sometimes CD’s make them sound amazing, but when on stage, that just isn’t the case. Well, let’s just say now I will listen to the CD. They were phenomenal on stage, so many songs, each with something different, never boring. GSO is a heavy melodic progressive with original sound and powerful dynamics. Some impressive people here too, featuring Matt Wicklund (God Forbid, Himsa, Warrel Dane), Van Williams (Nevermore, Ashes of Ares, Pure Sweet Hell) Adōn Fanion, Dagna Silesia (Warrel Dane, The People Now). Let’s not forget, we even had a touch of snow last night, yes, the snow fluttered down because they take us to a world of frozen and ghostly times, with some technical grooves, and some very intense drums and bass riffs. Vocals are melodic and soaring, all the while being captivated with the guitars. Now I can see why so many people told me, you can’t miss this band, they are extraordinaire. They are right, nothing better than watching and listening to a band that can bring so much to the stage.