MAY 29th 2015

Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper


Early start tonight to this show, 6pm doors, and when you get off at 5:30, makes it near impossible to get down there on time to capture all the bands, especially when you‘re from out of town. I really wanted to catch all the bands tonight, because each of them was a first for me. Love the opportunity to witness something different, something fresh.

That being said, I sadly missed the first band BLACK VELVET, would liked to have seen them play live, they are a rocker band out of Quebec, Canada.  Guess I will have to wait for another concert to see them.

So first band I had the honour of catching was OLD JAMES, who was already in the middle of their set. But let me tell you, I knew from hearing them outside, this was a band I wanted to be watching. So in I went, right up to the front, and enjoyed every minute of what they gave us. I was impressed, great lighting too, their performance was tight, and well executed. A Canadian band out of Toronto, Ontario, a band that is heavy metal with a taste of the good old Rock 'n Roll. There is some excellent talent in this band. Brian (vocalist) gained some experience with Annihilator, and brother Chris (drummer) was previously in Cauldron with gained him a Juno nomination. Joining in with exceptional talent is Jon (bassist) with some technical and rad riffs, and guitarist Andy who adds his own vibrant flare, making this a complete, exceptional band to listen to and thoroughly enjoy. There was alot of great energy on that stage too, but listen closely and you will hear the heavy metal, the jazz, some blues and some funk, and pulling it all together, the rock 'n roll, which gave us, the fans something exceptional to experience and appreciate. Amazing job. Sorry, but if you didn't go early because you didn't know the bands, YOU missed out. I can see these guys going places.

Next up - CRUCIFIED BARBARA, this all girl band is out of Stockholm, Sweden. Mia, Klara, Ida and Nicki make a formidable force up on stage cranking out their hard rock, metal melodies. These ladies have really made a name for themselves, yes, I had heard of them, reviewed their last album, so I knew what to expect. I was not disappointed, in fact I was really in awe of their performance, searing riffs, drums blasts, vocals, what an amazing performance. The floor filled a little more, but after listening, this place should have filled to capacity. These girls have their act together, they execute their songs to perfection, in other words, then nailed it. And you should have been there to see it. Watching them play, I kept thinking ... if only girls could see them, to know that they can do this. Thank you for such an incredible performance.

Last tonight is the headliner, legendary all girl British hard rockers GIRLSCHOOL who are conquering stages across America (for the first time in 20 years).  Have you heard of them, I am embarrassed to say, I hadn't before covering this show. And they are now on my list. What an impressive set from these ladies, and of course you can't go wrong with hard rock, heavy metal, well you can, but not when you put it together Girlschool style. Holy geez, I mean I saw some people that enjoy the more death/punk style in front of me, just rocking out, having a blast. That says alot about a band, when you can draw in from all fans from different genres. I can see why, what a performance. It's also been said that their music is associated with Motörhead, maybe, but the girls filled the Venue, the floor filled to capacity, with the fans enjoying to the max. A few crowd surfers, but never got to put their feet on the stage, they were just roaming around over top. Some sat up on shoulders, which I am really sure ticked off the people behind. I mean, you really need to watch these gals in action. After the years they have put into their music, looking at them, you could tell they loved every minute on stage, all smiles, interacting at times with the fans. And the music...well that was far and beyond what I ever expected. I can't tell you what they played, but it doesn't matter, because each and every song was amazing, executed to perfection.

For me, this was a show I truly enjoyed, all new bands, and ones that I really enjoyed listening to and watching. Another thing I just have to say here. The guys from Old James, helped with every band, putting their gear on stage, tuning, taking it down, and running up on stage if there was an issue. Now that was amazing to watch, I have never seen a band help out like this before. So koodo's to Old James for being such an asset.

Just because two of these bands are all girls, DON'T make the mistake of brushing it off, you will be amazed and find some new bands to listen to. It really is fantastic to see 2 all girl bands up on stage just rocking out the night. Thank you for that. Thank you to all 3 bands that I witnessed tonight. Superb, amazing, fantastic, incredible, unbelievable, awesome, well I think you get the idea.