APRIL 25th 2017

MetalTitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment worldwide, are here with God Dethroned, who are about to release the band’s first album since 2010, and the third (and final) part of the World War I trilogy. "The World Ablaze" will be released May 5th worldwide through Metal Blade.

In 2013, you attended a funeral for your former Metal Blade label boss, Michael Trengert; you also met up with several people in the music industry. Do you think this was a pivotal point for you to get the band back together again?

Yes, very much so. I realized that day how much I missed all my buddies from all the bands we played with and all the people I know from the industry since all these years.

I was sort of a wakeup call for me that day.

So tell us what we might expect from ‘The World Ablaze’ compared to ‘Under the Sign of the Iron Cross’?

“The World Ablaze” is a much more dynamic album than “Under the Sign of the Iron Cross”. Lots more variety between the songs and very suitable for live shows. When you play fast and aggressive all the time then things tend to get boring for the audience, unless you manage to be in a slamming pit for an hour.

The new album brings a lot more atmosphere to the table without forgetting that we’re a Death Metal band with blast beats.

This is the last album for the World War 1 trilogy, do you think you might work on a World War II trilogy?

No, too many bands have songs about WWII already. I really don’t see how I can contribute to that without repeating what others did already. That was the great part about the WWI trilogy, there was hardly any competition which is good, since it’s hard topic to write songs about. Not if it’s for just one album, but three is something completely different. I don’t know yet where my inspiration will come from for a future album.

Why a trilogy, is it because there is so much to sing about?

Yes, but also because people really loved our “Passiondale” album so much. I guess nobody expected us to do a concept album about WWI and go into such detail as we did. It felt stupid not to do more albums about that topic.

Did it take long to complete the new album?

The whole writing and recording process took about 5 months or so. I like our songs to sound spontaneous and you won’t achieve that by working on the same songs for years.

Of the songs, do you personally have a favourite, and why that one?

I like all the songs, so no. But the song “Escape Across the Ice” is one of those songs we were afraid of that it wouldn’t fit between the rest. Just because it’s such a different song. But we decided to record it anyway and now it turns out to be an excellent song that fits very well and is actually named by many people of the press as the best song on the album.

There is so much information on World War I, how do you pick what to sing about?

I just read a lot. When there’s a topic that I like and of which I think it will make sense to people to write a lyric about then I use it.

The album cover, obviously from World War I, but did you take it from the history books, or did you create your own image for the album?

It’s an actual picture from a scene in WWI, but we added a lot of elements to that picture. For example, the explosion in the cover wasn’t there originally along with some other details.

What made you think to do World War I songs, did you have a family member at all that fought, or was it a fascination for you?

It was during my visits to our former guitar player Isaac Delahaye (now in Epica) who lives in the city of Ypres that I got in touch with the whole WWI phenomena. Ypres was one of the cities on the fore front of the trench wars and the town is ridden with war memorials, graveyards and so on. There’s also the WWI war museum and then all the English people visiting the town every weekend to pay homage to their fallen relatives. It really fascinated me and I started digging into its history. That’s how it all started.

Will you be touring once the album is released? I see there are a few dates, will you be doing more, maybe North America?

We’re looking into it right now. First some album release parties, then summer festivals and then tours. We have options for Europe, USA and Japan. There will be lots of shows and we’re looking forward to touring the US again.

What are your plans now that the album is done, and you do this tour?

First, we promote the new as much as we can by doing interviews, live shows and releasing videos. The video for “On the Wrong Side of the Wire” was just released. On April 13, we will release the video for “The World Ablaze” and on April 27 we will release the video for “Annihilation Crusade”.

Tell us something about the band that we might not know about.

If you don’t know it then it’s probably something we don’t talk about...

Do you have anyone that is an inspiration to you?

Musically it’s David Gilmour who’s a big inspiration nowadays. In my opinion the best musician around ever.

When you are not working with the band, what might we find you doing?

I’m building guitars for a living. Mostly custom shop. It’s called Serpent King Guitars.
There’s only music related things in my life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans, and we wish you much success with ‘The World Ablaze’.



God Dethroned