DECEMBER 15th 2015

This was exciting for me, something totally different from my usual Metaltitans work of CD/concert reviews, written interviews, and just keeping the facebook and twitter page updated.

Gomorrah is a death metal band from the Okanagan Valley, specifically Kelowna. I think this maybe what surprised me the most, as I used to visit Grandma up there, and it seemed to be more of an older age city…guess I am wrong, it obviously has changed.

Gomarrahs' new album "The Haruspex" will be available January 15th 2016 by Test Your Metal Records, you don't want to miss out on this one. Pre-order link for the new album is at the bottom of the review, so check it out!

I did some digging around to find out a little history on the band first, because if I didn't know much about them, I know there will be lots of you out there that are new to this band as well. As high school teens they started the band back in 2006 and remained a garage bands for a few years. The official line up was formed in 2012, and together put out their first release in 2013. As many bands go, things change and people went their own ways for their own reasons.

In early 2015, a new line up cemented, and Jeff and Bowen wrote and recorded a single "A Disaster's Nightmare", during the summer of 2015, the two wrote and recorded "The Haruspex". In the fall they brought in Casey Long-Read as drummer.

Now let's get down to the review, the release party took place at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver. It is really a unique place to hold a CD release, I find studios so intriguing. There were about 35-40 people in attendance. Nice turn out. There were two choices to hear their music, one was upstairs, where the sound was funnelled in through speakers, or the best place, right in the room where all the mixing and mastering is done.

Wow, I am impressed, for a new band, a death metal band at that, these guys nailed it, you were waiting for a mosh pit to begin, that is just how death metal it was.  You get blast beats that are tight, guttural lyrics, some technical guitar and bass work. There are a few breakdowns, but this album is definitely a must have for any death metal fan out there, it has everything you could possible expect, brutal and fast. The songs you can tell were not just thrown out, they were built on. Most songs are probably about 2 to 3 minutes long, and trust me, no filler, and a lot of intensity.

Talking to Bowen after, their plans are for some more record release parties, one in Kelowna, and the other, Vancouver. Hopefully in the spring, some performances in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

01. Imperial
02. Nine Kings of Sulphur
03. Carcosa
04. Dismantling The Throne
05. Sitra Achra
06. Crowns of Flesh
07. Cerulean
08. Venom and Rapture
09. Architects
10. The Mark of Veritas
Album Length: 30:59

- All songs written and produced by Gomorrah
- Mixed by Stuart McKillop - Rain City Recorders
- Mastered by Brad Boatright - Audiosiege
- CD Cover/Album Artwork by Kevin Ellis Moore

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