MAY 24th 2016

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with the band Good Tiger, featuring former members of TesseracT, The Safety Fire, Architects UK.
Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

No problem! Thanks for having us.

1. You are about to release your debut album, April 22, “A Head Full of Moonlight” via Blacklight
Media, a new label formed by Chris Santos (chef/managing partner of New York restaurants
Vandal, The Stanton Social and Beauty & Essex, together with Brian Slagel of Metal Blade
Records). Tell us how this came about, and why you might have chosen this label over others?

We first started speaking with Blacklight Media while we were on tour in Europe late last year, and things move on from there. It was an extremely exciting prospect and felt we were getting the best of both worlds. Working with an amazing well established label like Metal Blade, while also being involved with a label from the ground up, developing together. The fact that Chris wanted us to be his first signing was extremely humbling, and we are so thankful for the opportunity.

2. You have recently formed the band together, and have enlisted some talented friends to complete the line-up. Tell us how each of the members came to be in Good Tiger.

I've known all the guys from touring, and friends from back home. Jo played with me in The Safety Fire, Morgan was a friend from London who had played in a bunch of bands. Elliot and Rudy I both met on two US tours and became friends. Once my previous band broke up I contacted each guy about forming a new band, and luckily everyone was interested.

3. To get a start on the album you announced a crowd-funding campaign, and ended up with a
staggering $45,980-- you must have been surprised at this amount? 
Did you ever think in a million years that this kind of money would be raised?

Completely. We are all very nervous about going into that whole process, and were absolutely blown away by the response. I couldn't actually look at the site once we had launched. I was getting texts and calls from friends asking me if I had checked yet. It was pretty overwhelming.

4. With that amount, did it go a long way to getting your album done?

It definitely helped. The whole album recording and release process is definitely an expensive process, so we every little helped. From making the album to making extra content and video.

5. Since this was your debut album, was it a hard process for you?

Not really. We went into the process very openly and did what came natural to us. Obviously it was a new experience, but I think that just made it all the more fun.

6. You have a video out from this album, what made you decide on this song?

Where are the Birds:

We just felt the track was the best representation of what we do as a band. The album is quite varied, so I think it's quite a good introduction to the band.

7. You call yourselves “some kind of rock”, why is that?

I think that is as close a description as any other. Hopefully people will question it and take the time to listen to our music.

8. You are out on tour right now with Between the Buried and Me, how is that going?

Amazing. They are great guys, with many of us having toured with them before. ABR have been awesome as well. It's been such an easy going tour and the crowds have been amazing.

9. Tell us something that we might now know about Good Tiger.

We all carry Pokemon cards with us at all times.

10. Is there anything you want to add to this interview that I might have missed?

Eat a melon. Be rad.

Thank you for taking the time from your hectic schedule to do this interview with us, we greatly appreciate it. We also want to wish you much success with “A Head Full of Moonlight”.