DECEMBER 12th 2015

Review by Rita Tupper
Photos by Char Tupper


Miserable night to travel into Vancouver, with that being said, it took longer to get into town, which means I only caught the last 8 minutes of the Earthless set. So I don’t think it is fair for me to review when I didn’t get to see the whole set.

I think what surprises me is this show is a Sold out. Considering all the shows I have attended which I expected to be Sold out, and they weren’t, yet this was. Walking into the venue, I didn’t recognize anyone, and you would think you would see at least 1 person. To be honest though, I was not in my usual spot, I was not fighting to get through this crowd. They were tight. But sound is always much better at the back, and besides, I was really entertained by the fellow a few feet away that was having a blast dancing.

There were only two bands tonight, the one I missed, and Graveyard. They hit the stage to a lot of cheers. I didn’t really know what to expect as I haven’t seen or heard this band before. So was anxious to hear what they were like. If you like classic rock, blues, jazz, folk and plain old school, then this is the band for you. I did enjoy what I heard, they had great sound, good vocals, the guitars and drumming all fit into the works perfectly, and I do like old school rock. I just didn’t like the slower songs, for me, they seemed to drag, but rock just pulled it back up and I was enjoying again. They have a lot of fans obviously listening to all the cheers, and singing, and even dancing that went on. They put on a great performance. Sadly I just could not stay as long as I wanted, but I am sure they gave 110% to their fans.