SEPTEMBER 19th 2014

Show Review: Metal Mom
Haunted House Review: Char Tupper
Photos By: Char Tupper


Sept. 19th-Nov. 1st


Hours of Operation:
Thursday& Sundays: 7PM-10PM
Fridays& Saturdays: 7PM-12AM


Flew down from Vancouver, BC (Canada) to experience this horror first hand. I also attended last years show in Los Angeles, CA on the last night in which Rob Zombie performed.  This year, opening night, I told myself, I am going through at least one horror house (there are 3) .... but I was terror-stricken, just way too anxious to go in. Flying down to the event was enough for me. That being said,  Char Tupper, who photographed and partook in the activities with me, has a few words to say about the haunted houses since she got to take pictures inside…and there is only one way to do that…go inside!
Check out Char’s opinion on the houses below:

Well, let me just say, the haunted houses were just as cool as last year. Full of excitement, people screaming and me laughing at their fear (sorry,ha!). This year, the houses were 3 new unique houses. First house was themed on the same idea as last year, “Lords of Salem: In Total Blackout”, I loved this house last year, and I still really enjoyed it. This year there were no bags over the heads, which I believe was due to the Arizona heat, but none the less, hallways were pitch black, walls were electric, and the floor moved. Loved this house, so much fun walking through, letting your other senses take over. Next you got taken through “Captain Spauldings Clown School in 3D” , everything was neon, full of colour, which you don’t really expect at a Rob Zombie event, but, that aside, this house was a total mind flip with the 3D elements but at the same time, people dressed to blend into the walls and the clowns messing with your senses. Last house was “The Devil’s Rejects”, which I’m sure if you have seen the movie, you can guess this theme. The Firefly family take to the roads to escape from their murderous crimes, while yourself join forces with State Troopers in the hopes of eliminating the Firefly family. This house was pretty detailed and fun to walk through. All kinds of twists, turns, ups and downs. People jumping out from small dark hallways, loud noises unexpectedly, people screaming bloody murder, it was a fantastic experience. Felt like being a part of the film, which was an exciting experience all on its own. Sadly, like last year, I didn’t actually jump at any of the houses, being “mentally ready” for people trying to scare, didn’t help, but that being said,  I truly enjoyed all 3 houses again this year, and I hope to go again in 2015. The volunteers throughout the houses had their parts nailed and did a wonderful job throughout.

And now back to Metal Mom for the Concert Review:

Now for something a little less frightening, I did get to experience the creepy people that wondered the area. Not to be mean, but they were no way as scary as last years menacing bunch. There was not much interaction between them and myself, even stepping in front and coming face to face, they kind of walked around. That would not have happened last year. The fellow with the chain saw, yes, a chain saw, didn’t even come up close to people, not many jumped for him. Last year,  people went screaming from the lot to get away. The only thing maybe was that it was so darned hot, (100F/38C), I imagine that’s  extremely hard conditions to work in. All in all, for just wondering around the area, I was way more impressed with last years ghouls and statues that scared the bejeebers out of me.  I also didn’t find it, maybe I missed it, but I was really looking forward to the photos you could have taken that were horror related, floating heads, head sliced open with a sword, and a head cut off. Those were so cool as a memento to take home. But on the other hand, sparks were flying when I got to experience and enjoy a band called STREET DRUM CORPS, a very talented group of musicians who are extremely high energy, no singing, all based on metal drums, baseball bats, metal tubes, and in the style of punk, experimental, rock, combine all that together and you have a very enjoyable interactive set. They played when the gates were not open yet, so got to stand right up front and enjoy, and play, yes, that’s right, one of the fellows came down off stage, and got me to hold the metal pipe while he drummed, then not knowing me AT ALL, gave me the drum sticks to beat on the pipe, I think he might have regretted that one. LOL, I don’t have any kind of rhythm for drumming.

I do have one complaint though, and I am sure it is not just me on this one, but at one point during the time Zombie was on stage, a girl behind me (not a Zombie walker, or player), drew out a sword, and yes, it was a real one, she was behind me, so I tapped Security (blue uniforms) and said, hey that girl has a sword, do something before someone gets hurt, and he just kind of looked over, and did nothing, so I said, right there, but she held the sword down so he could not see it. Well sorry fellow, if you can’t move from your spot, which I get, call for some assistance to check it out, for the safety and enjoyment of fans. I don’t think anyone got hurt, but things could have been different.

Now in all fairness, I really came down to witness Rob Zombie play, and Powerman 5000. Never have I "ever" been disappointed to watching either one of these bands. I didn't expect so many people though, last year I could manage to get pretty close to front, but not this year, I was stuck more off to the side, but right at the front of the gate, so great visual, but watching bands, that’s what its all about, visual.

First up tonight though is a DJ, and 2 dancers. I really don't like to say anything negative, but in this case, I must, please Mr. Zombie don't use them again. The girls didn't dance to the music for one, and well the music the DJ played just wasn’t what you would expect to get you psyched for what was to come.  In fact, I thought it might just be me, but as I looked around the crowds, everyone was talking, they didn’t seem to be watching the stage at all. I was anxious myself for it to end, and get to what we had all come for.

The next band sets the tone for the rest of the night....POWERMAN5000, wow, I have to hand it to them, in that kind of heat, they still had the energy cranked up, giving the fans everything they had, making for a really great show. They have always performed to the max, every time I see them. They really did an amazing array of songs, from old to new, and we the people were singing right along. It's also safe to say people forgot about the heat. I don't even bother with the genre that people put them into, their music rocks, it's great to sing along with, band members all look to be enjoying themselves, they smile all the time, they move around the stage with endless energy and talent. What more can you ask for. A longer set maybe, but they sure made you forget about that hellish heat. You can tell that ALL of Powerman5000 live and breath their music, it shows in their performance on stage. Thank you.

Hey scum of the earth, you just know that this next band is, the one everyone came to see, none other than ROB ZOMBIE. You could not move on that field, and I myself, held on tight and was not budging from my spot. You know, I don't think anything I say, can really do justice to Rob Zombie, John 5, Piggy D and Ginger Fish. You want an experience that stands out from any other, then this is the one and only band that can give you just that. I have seen Rob Zombie many times, and not once, not even a little, was I ever disappointed in their set. You want energy, they give it to you tenfold and more. You want perfection, that's there 110%, you want your favourite song, well, every song is a favourite of Zombie's, you can't go wrong here. I don't really classify Zombie as a band concert, its more of a presentation of some extremely talented musicians, there are even costume changes, head gear, guitar switches, and if you are close enough you can really appreciate the workmanship on those bass/guitars. Everyone in that band, displayed their true talent, gave so much to the crowd. For me, I can't even begin to tell you what songs they played, oh yes, you know they played alot of the ones we are all familiar with, but I was rocking out singing along. Good thing everyone was doing the same, I can't sing a note. They had a contest even on stage between Piggy D and John 5, and on John 5's side they brought Sheri out, (I think that’s why John 5 won, they were not voting for John 5, they were voting for Sheri). Ha! Ha! Truthfully both excel at what they do, making them both winners. Another part of the show I was amazed at, was when Zombie himself in the beginning of one of the songs, started off by bringing his hands up, then lowered them slowly to quiet the crowd, IT WORKED, everyone did it at the same time. Totally impressed me, because I have seen others try do it without any kind of success. And Zombie didn't just do it once, it did it numerous times, and each time the crowd followed to perfection. Talk about control, Zombie is a cult leader and no one knew. At one point Zombie said to the people "are you motherfuckers crazy, why do you live here in this heat, there are other places you know".  It's true actually, and it didn’t stop him from continuing. Personally I can't believe that they played such a long set in that kind of heat, I know I was sweating and I was just standing there, but on stage, everyone moved, switching sides, dancing, yep, Zombie had some great moves up there. And for how famous Zombie is, he still comes out into the audience, riding on shoulders, or walking with his bright light through the front of the stage. He was right in front of me at one point, but I am always in awe of all members in this band, that I didn’t try to reach out, I was kind of smiling with a stupid grin, just amazed that he was standing right in front of me. Every time I see Zombie and band mates, I leave singing, and smiling for days. It’s so great to see a band that has taken their music and given it so much more for us to enjoy. Thank you Rob Zombie/John5/Piggy D/Ginger Fish, and I will see you next time.