AUGUST 9th, 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. Metaltitans got the chance to talk with Mark and Michael from Great White. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1: In 2012 you made ELATION with new singer Terry IIous and had Michael Lardie produced, mixed and recorded the album. Can you take us on a day what it was like working with Terry and Michael making the album?

Mark Kendall: Michael & I co-produced the album together and it was a joyful experience as we hadn't worked as a production team since our "Once Bitten" album. Working with Terry was just great. He brings a positive energy to the band and it was a blast to produce his vocals. He's very patient, an amazing talent and we are all very pleased with his performances on the record. We didn't auto tune any of his vocals which seems to be common ground with today standards. We went for the moment and trusted our ears. If it feels right it usually is right, and we are old school in that way.

Michael is my buddy and we work great together!

Michael Lardie: Actually, we kicked it old school and the album was produced by Mark Kendall and myselfas far as working with Terry, it was a blast, as he was very open to Mark's and my suggestions and guidance.


2: What has ELATION meant to you when it was finally completed? Would there be anything you would change on it and if so why?

Mark Kendall: It was our 1st album with our new singer and it was very exciting to make and when it was complete. I don't think we could have asked much more from ourselves as we basically went into record the album with no material written, except for two song ideas. It seems, looking back, it would have been nice to have a little more time as we had to make deadlines for the release. I actually was joking with Michael saying this but if we had more time, it might not be as good. :) 

Michael Lardie: Given that we only had 7 days to mix the whole record, later in the year, we enlisted George Tutko to do a remix on the album, mixes turned out great!


3: With now Terry being the voice of Great White how would you describe him as a singer and as a person?

Mark Kendall: He is without a doubt the most consistent singer I have ever played with. He brings maximum energy to every performance and that seems to mean everything to him. He is truly a gifted singer with an amazing range and since of melody, not to mention a dedicated team player. He always wants to do what's best for the band.

Michael Lardie: Terry's voice to me is very much like 1970’s english blues rock singers, like Steve Marriot. He's a great performer and good dude.


4: You guys released 30 Years (Live from the Sunset Strip) in 2013. With a so many great songs that Great White has was it hard to pick what tunes go on the album?

Mark Kendall: It's always difficult to pick the songs with the catalog going so deep, but we usually work it out.

Michael Lardie: How do you field a set from 12 studio albums?  Very hard to do for sure.


5: What songs really stood out for you when creating the live album?

Mark Kendall: One of the most fun songs  was "I've Got Something For You". The song was written in 5 minutes and it has great energy live. The fans all love it! "Hard To Say Goodbye" was another great moment in that it wasn't the typical sappy love song. It has more of a gospel blues feel, which I personally really like, and that's where Terry shines. Everyone performed really well on the album and the whole band participated and was there for every minute of the recording process.

Michael Lardie: "Rock Me," "Can’t Shake It,"  "Save Your Love."


6: You guys are currently on tour and wanted to know how you guys are trying to keep your stage show fresh for your original fans and your new generation of fans?

Mark Kendall: We keep it fresh by making our fans a part of the show. We have extended jams that differ from night to night. That alone eliminates the risk of going through the motions. The other thing is we love what we do! We look forward to each night like a kid waits to see what's under the Christmas tree!

Michael Lardie: Mix up the set from week to week, change order, etc.


7: What are some of your best memories of the band’s past 30 years?

Mark Kendall:  Getting to share my first platinum record with my mom and dad. Nothing could top that as they have always supported my dream and believed in me.

Michael Lardie: The best memory is all of it, I'm (we're all) blessed to have this long of a career with the band.


8: ”Rock Me” was the group’s breakout hit. What do you think makes that track stand out?

Mark Kendall: It's the dynamics and the feel of the tune. It takes you somewhere.  Our ex-manager Alan Niven nailed the lyrics in that song, as he did with most of our songs. He was a great lyricist. The other thing is the pay-off you get with the chorus, and then the outro just takes it home. I once heard the song on the radio when Joe Walsh was a guest at the radio station called KLOS in Los Angeles, and after the song ended Joe said, "Now that's what I'm talking about!"

Michael Lardie: The song encompassed many elements of what we are - blues riffs, dynamics, and a big chorus.


9: The late great Warrant singer Jani Lane sang with the band for a while. What was it like working with him?

Mark Kendall: He was completely professional and prepared each night. He sang the songs great. We miss him greatly as he was a wonderful friend. As far as a permanent singer, Terry was always our choice going forward.

Michael Lardie: I was very happy to have worked with him, when he was in a great place, physically and spiritually. He did us a solid by helping out during that time.


10: Thirty years is a long time for most bands. What do you see happening with Great White in the next 6 months? Are there any plans for a new album?

Mark Kendall: We are definitely going to make a new record. I am pumped to come out with something new!!

Michael Lardie: Always writing, that's what we do, sometime this year, we will get together and put the ideas into completed songs.


11: Last year you guys performed at the MONSTERS OF ROCK CRUISE. How much fun was that for you guys and the fans?

Mark Kendall: It's great because you aren't isolated from the fans. It's really fun to hang out with the fans and share stories from the past and such and just have fun! Everyone really enjoys the MORC.:-).

Michael Lardie: It's great to be out of the high seas with all those rockers!!!


12: Wanted to ask you guys are there any bands out there that you impress you and let the fans know about?

Michael Lardie: The band, Halestorm, love me some Lzzy and RJ Hale.


13: How do you see music scene now compared to lets say 20 yrs ago especially in rock? Are the labels making to many of the creative decisions? Is rock slowly fading away?

Mark Kendall: It seems to be more of the machines playing music as apposed to human beings. It's impossible to get feel and expression from a machine, so that is part of what I see different now, than from 20 years ago. Rock has faded away and comeback so many times it's almost becoming silly. I can't even count the number of times I heard rock is dead, LOL. What I do know is every time we play live there are many fans there in front of the stage rocking their asses off, and we are all having the time of our lives!! As far as the labels they have always followed what is making the most money. The labels follow money only, and that is their only concern. So, with that being said if the machine music is bringing in the bacon, they are gonna roll with that.

Michael Lardie: Rock simply won’t fade away, historically, it has lasted over 60 years.


14: When you guys are not out on the road and making music what do you like to do in your spare time?

Mark Kendall: Sleep and enjoy time with my family :-).

Michael Lardie: Work in the studio, and golf occasionally.