FEBRUARY 18th 2017

1: GSO members come from different bands of the American metal genre How would you describe your sound with GSO?
I would say it's melodic, progressive heavy metal. As a songwriter, my inspiration comes from many places including classical music and just about any genre as long as the harmonic, melodic and rhythmic content is interesting. I think you can hear elements of singers like Dio and Dickenson in Adon's singing but also more soulful rock vibes like Chris Cornell too. We really set no boundaries when it comes to style. We are just trying to paint a picture and tell a story with the music.

2: Your debut album was financed by a kickstarter campaign. Do you see this starting to be a common thing with bands not wanting to deal with label rules and such
I think it definitely has become more popular and I think it will be commonplace in the new and evolving music industry. I think it is just a natural evolution of the business model.

3: Does the band have in mind to sign to a music label in the future if there’s an offer which will cover the band’s needs?
I always keep an open mind and am ready to do business with the right people if they are interested and it is mutually beneficial. I am happy with the path that we have chosen and am looking forward to future opportunities in all directions! I am looking right now to partner with labels to license the first album to help make it more widely available.
4: Your new album has 11 solid tracks and wanted to know the recording process and inspiration behind the album.
The inspiration mainly came from the story of the Octavius. Trying to write songs that fit the cold and dark story but also the beauty that comes with it. I want to create an enchanting dreamland with the sounds and imagery. A music escape if you will. The recording process was very streamlined and organized. We came into the studio with the songs thoroughly demoed and written and then put in some fine details once in the recording seat. The drums were done first and then guitars and bass layered on top, then keys and sound effects and then finally the vocals.

5: Aaron Smith produced your album at Envisage Audio in Seattle WA and I wanted to know how you ended up using him over countless producers in the Seattle scene?
We were recommended to work with Aaron from our good friend Jeff Loomis who had recently done a solo album with him. We met Aaron and quickly became friends and could see that he was the guy for us. I am sure that Aaron will be involved with GSO for a long time because he really gets what we are doing and adds a lot to the sound in the studio with his ideas and direction.

6: What is your favorite track on the album and why?

My personal favorite track on the album is In Dreams because I think it really covers the whole spectrum of what I like to do as a writer. It's very catchy and dynamic and the lyrics are cool I think. It also seems to be a crowd favorite when we play live.

7: Would you change anything on the album and if so why?

I am very pleased with the album thankfully! I am inspired to try some new things on the new record but I think we really made the best album we could make for the debut. I am excited for people to hear what we have coming up next! I can feel that are stepping up the game all around on this one.

8: You guys will perform on 70,000 tons of metal set sail for Labadee Haiti. Do you have experience performing on a ocean liner before? What are you guys expecting on this 4 day voyage?
70000 Tons of Metal was out first cruise and it was an incredible experience! The shows were very good for us and the whole thing was put together really well. It was a lot of fun to be with so many other bands and around all of that music. It was also a good time to see many of our friends in the music business and enjoy some good weather!

9: With 60 bands performing on the cruise are there any bands you want to check out?

For me I was excited to see some of my all time favorites and friends in Arch Enemy, Carcass, Uli Jon Roth and Cattle Decapitation.

10: After the cruise what are the plans for the GSO in 2017?
The plans now are to finish writing and then record the new album and then get out on the road and play all over the world!

11: When growing up playing guitar who was your idol and why?

I had many favorite guitarists growing up. For me it was Jeff Loomis, Slash, Mark Knopfler and Yngwie to name a few. But more than that I was into composers like Beethoven, Bach and Rachmaninov.

12: What was your most played tape/CD/album in high school?

There were a couple that got a lot of play back then for me. I was really into Smashing Pumpkins "Siamese Dream", Sunny Day Real Estate "Diary" and Carcass "Heartwork". Strange mix of music right? I love listening to all different types of music. If it's good, it's good!

13: Would you like to give a break down of what you play with as far as guitar model, pickups and strings?
I play Caparison Guitars exclusively and have been an endorser for nearly 14 years. I play mainly the Horus FX-AM Model currently. Pickups are either Caparison made or Dimarzio and I use Dunlop Strings.

14: What advice would you give to upcoming guitarists wanting to get in to the music scene?
I would say to develop your own voice. Find inspiration everywhere. Also, don't forget to work on making your playing sound expressive. Bending and vibrato are so important I think and often overlooked in favor of shredding and speed. Make that guitar sing and make it memorable!

15: Any last words to the fans?
I would like to thank all of the GSO Crew for all of their continued support. I feel that we are just getting started and we are incredibly excited for what is to come. The new album is on it's way and we will be making it snow on a stage near you soon!