JUNE 27th 2015

Review by: YouFO

Genre: Metal / Rock / Progressive / Gyre
Hometown: New York / New Jersey

Band Members:
Juan Soaz - Guitars
Pablo Carpio - Drums
Ian McCartney - Bass/Vocals
Chirag Bhatt - Guitar
Ying Chi - Vocals

Video: I Release

Track Listing:
1. Manifest
2. I Release
3. Quiescence
4. Behind the Eyes
5. Dream the Obscene
6. Moirai

Don't know the name Gyre, well neither did I, they formed back in 2011, so not that long ago. It sounds great, and it takes a certain knack to put all these genres together, although they don’t have thrash labelled in with all the others, but you can hear it. You will find some aggressive riffs, some familiar pounding drum blasts, the vocals are varied, clean but with growls, similar to other bands in the genre. Don’t get me wrong, they may sound a bit like other bands, but they do an amazing job of keeping my interest for all 6 songs. For me I found them to be a bit more progressive. Better yet, it sounds like they enjoy their music, putting it out for fans to enjoy as well. You need to listen to all 6 songs, there is a little something in each one that catches your attention. They are a young band, only together a few years, and they are creating what they enjoy the most. I say well done.